Discreet Game Developer Tour 2003 - 3D Festival

Thu 24th Apr 2003 | News

Discreet announces its European Games Developer Tour 2003 (GDT2003) starting on 8 May at the 3D Festival. Aimed at European games developers, both artists and programmers, consultants and experts as well as the members of the new mobile gaming community across Europe. This seminar based tour is three-hours packed with demos and presentations from discreet and many of the industries key players. This year’s tour has a strong focus on:

- All the latest news on 3D game development covering all trends for Playstation, Xbox, and PC including the latest information that developers need, fresh from GDC.

- 3D Mobile Gaming covering how to build a 3D Mobile Game (coming from 2D or 3D gaming), the workflow pipelines, key technologies, key players (aggregators, telecom operators, handset manufacturers), and the business models. All you need to know about the exciting new opportunities of the mobile space!

Registration details and further information on the European Games Developer Tour are available from www.discreet.com/events/emea.

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