Discreet and Microsoft Release gmax Game Pack for Impossible Creatures

Fri 31st Jan 2003 | News

Since its 2001 debut, Discreet's gmax software has taken the gaming community by storm, with over 350,000 game "modders" downloading Discreet's free software in order to enhance and expand their favorite games with new characters, levels of interactivity and animated objects. Developers have also tapped into the value of gmax. The latest gmax-ready game, Impossible Creatures, developed by Relic Entertainment and released by Microsoft, has hit the market with impressive fanfare and noteworthy game sales.

Based on Discreet's 3ds max, the award-winning 3D modeling, animation and rendering software, gmax offers both game players and game developers strategic options. For the game player, gmax offers free 3D tools to model, create and animate characters and environments to 'customize' their own game. For game developers, the incorporation of gmax into the final published game gives the publisher and the developer access to a fast-growing population of sophisticated players.

"In this industry, every gamer is a critic, stating more often than not, 'If it was up to me, I would add this to the game.' Now, they have the option to do exactly that with gmax," said Paul Perreault, Discreet game development Product Manager. "Discreet's gmax truly makes a game unique by providing gamers with the tools to create their own compelling content to further expand gameplay and their enjoyment of the title."

Nominated the "Best Original Game" at the 2001 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Awards, Impossible Creatures is a 3D real-time strategy game where players must amass an army of mutant monsters to defend the world against a power-crazed villain. With the option of combining numerous animals to form new creatures, players can customize armies and strategies based on their creation, virtually creating a new experience every time they play the game. Relic Entertainment truly takes gameplay a step further with gmax, allowing gamers to add textures, objects, and interactions to become their own "impossible creature".

The gmax game pack is available from Relic Entertainment by joining the Relic Developers Network (RDN). Gamers currently using gmax will be able to alter and create new content for the game including monsters, objects and completely new environments, with samples found here.


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