Discreet and Colorfront Ally for High-End Film Grading Technology

Fri 10th Jan 2003 | News

Discreet has entered into an exclusive strategic alliance with Colorfront, a privately-held software development company based in Budapest, Hungary, to jointly develop, market and sell a powerful new generation of digital color correction systems. Colorfront is well known in the industry for being the company behind the former "Colossus" film grading product for 5D, a system used in feature films such as Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

The details of the agreement provide for the joint development of a new digital color grading solution based on both Colorfront and Discreet technology. Colorfront will carry out core product development, with certain components provided by Discreet. The new product-expected to be announced and launched April 2003 at NAB in Las Vegas-will be part of the Discreet inferno, flame, flint, fire, smoke and backdraft systems product line.

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