Digital Cinematography and Directing

Tue 12th Nov 2002 | News

The good folks at New Riders publishing have just released another compelling book title in their [digital] array of books for 3D animators and visual effects artists. According to the press release: [digital] Cinematography & Directing is unlike any other cinematography or directing book you’ve seen. This book was written entirely for 3D animators. Based on real-world photographic and cinematic principles, it teaches you essential skills and concepts that you can apply to any industry 3D application, such as LightWave 3D, Softimage XSI, 3ds max, CINEMA 4D, Maya, and other leading programs.

This book does not focus on using software but rather teaches you how to understand and use the camera within your 3D application. Author Dan Ablan instructs on: Mastering focal lengths, f-stops, and apertures within your 3D application; Pre-production planning and how it can guide and enhance your project by applying essential storyboarding techniques; Using light as not only an illumination source, but as a tool for cinematic storytelling; How to direct your digital cast with proper staging techniques; and much more.

"Dan Ablan’s years of innovating digital production techniques and his undeniable expertise at teaching CGI, FX, and Film, makes Digital Cinematography & Directing a must-have! " -Dave Adams, Dreamworks

[digital] Cinematography & Directing

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