Digimation Art Contests Call for Entries

Wed 16th Apr 2003 | News

The first Digimation Art Contest is officially underway and an online submission form is now available. Digimation is hosting a series of art contests to reward CG artists using Digimation plug-ins or Viewpoint Models with an opportunity to showcase their work and win free software. The software prizes will differ for each contest and contestants may enter as many times as they like. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place entries. Contest winners will be featured on the Digimation home page, in the newsletter following completion of the contest, and in association with the software products used.

Art Contest Submissions
All artwork submitted must have been developed using at least one Digimation plug-in or Viewpoint model. To submit work or view contest information, visit the Digimation web site or follow this link. http://www.digimation.com/software/asp/artcontest.asp

Prizes for Current Art Contest
1st Place: 1 Plug-in. Winners Choice of SpeedTreeMAX, Illustrate!, Shag: Hair, or Stitch
2nd Place: 1 Plug-in. Winners Choice of Essential Textures, Stitch Lite, Particle Tools, or Lume Tools
3rd Place: 1 Plug-in. Winners Choice of Lightning, Light Galleries, or Grow

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