Di-O-Matic announces Voice-O-Matic

Fri 31st Jan 2003 | News

Di-O-Matic announced today its latest plug-in development called Voice-O-Matic. This new extension contains an easy-to-use but powerful core that automates the process of lip synchronization for your animated characters directly inside of 3ds max.

Voice-O-Matic simply takes lip synchronization to a new level by using an intelligent phonetic engine that can break down audio files cleanly and automatically assign correct phonemes (up to 40 of them) to make your characters talk in just minutes. It also has impressive language support and can handle French, Italian, German and Spanish as well as English where text can be used to get better syllabic result. Animators can also tweak their results with standard Bezier curve controls and sophisticated smoothing algorithms so that the fine-tuning process is quick and painless. And since it fully supports all current morphing technologies like the Morpher modifier, Morph-O-Matic, and Facial Studio, 3ds max users won’t have to worry about changing their production pipeline.

Voice-O-Matic webpage

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