Di-O-Matic Acquires Storyboarder for Pre-production solutions

Fri 20th Sep 2002 | News

Di-O-Matic Acquires Storyboarder for Pre-production solutions

Montreal, Qc - September 19, 2002 - Di-O-Matic, a leading character animation software developer, announces today that it has recently acquired all rights to the stand-alone storyboarding software previously known as Storyboarder from Perpetual Minds, a Detroit-based research and development organization specializing in pre-production software solutions.

As a result of this acquisition, Di-O-Matic, in partnership with Perpetual Minds, will enhance Storyboarder, the non-linear storyboard and animatics solution, into a full-blown commercial application designed for pre-production studios and for storyboard artists.

Storyboarder's non-linear approach to pre-visualization drastically speeds up scripting and storyboarding for the Cartoon, Film, and 3D Animation industries. "Finally, a solution to create nice storyboards and animatics truly designed for production use," says Sergio Mucino, Technical Director at Metacube."We can now easily convert storyboards to HTML web pages for easy overseas approval."

Di-O-Matic expects Storyboarder to hit the market in Q1 2003. More information will be available at www.diomatic.com when Storyboarder reaches an advanced beta stage.

About Di-O-Matic Inc.
Di-O-Matic, Inc. develops high-end character animation plug-ins for Discreet's 3ds max product line as well as training CDs for various 3D software applications. Di-O-Matic believes that character animation should be easy and fun and its tools are designed to bring efficient character setups into your workflow. Visit Di-O-Matic website at www.diomatic.com

Di-O-Matic's client includes: A. Film, Blur, Blizzard, Rainbow Studios, Viewpoint, Big Huge Games, Westwood, Pepper's Ghost, Eutechnyx, Ubi Soft, and Janimation, amongst many others.

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