DAZ Productions announces free public beta program for DAZ|Studio

Tue 4th Feb 2003 | News

Prior to the release of DAZ|Studio 1.0, the base version will be made available as a free beta for an undetermined period of time until it is solid. This plan will allow customers to test the software on their systems, report bugs, suggest necessary features, and watch the software as it develops. The first iteration of the DAZ|Studio beta will be designed to render scenes from Poser 4 .PZ3 files. It will also have the ability to modify those scenes to some extent once the files are imported into Studio. Posing, animation, model import and other features will follow soon after the first beta release.

Items included in the initial stage of the DAZ|Studio Beta Program:

  • Support for Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP and MAC OSX 10.2 and above
  • Single select and edit of bones or objects in scene via controls in the
  • Scene pane (i.e. visibility, color, and position)
  • Cameras, props, scenes, and figures can be posed and manipulated using controls in the Parameter pane
  • Material editing will allow user to alter properties of existing materials
  • Editable material properties include: surface color, surface texture, bump map, transparency map, and displacement map
  • Open-GL support in 3D views including: real-time texture and transparency maps
  • Import of .OBJ and .PZ3 (including all PZ3 subsets) file formats.
  • 3Delight renderer by DNASoft included (Renderman compliant)

Items that will be implemented at a later stage of the DAZ|Studio Beta Program:

  • 3D view display will be optimized for speed and quality
  • Save function enabled
  • DAZ|Studio specific file format will be introduced at a later stage of the beta program
  • Selection of objects through 3D view
  • Additional Open-GL support in 3D views of: anti-aliasing, depth of field, and specularity.
  • Animation timeline that allows user to set and edit keyframes, create, and play animations
  • Python support
  • Advanced asset manager for handling large asset quantity and content directories
  • For-sale plugins for .LWO and .MAX import/export

Availability The DAZ|Studio BETA program will be centralized with all initial distribution from www.daz3d.com. Updated information on development progress, including beta reports, will all be made public on the DAZ3D website as well.

Daz Productions

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