Dallas based studios brings action figure to life

Wed 30th Oct 2002 | News

Dallas, TX, October 29, 2002 -- Tracy Lock Partnership called upon Reel FX to animate a Zoid, mechanized action figure, for a new spot entitled “Thunder”. This edgy spot opens with an enormous Zoid dashing through a vacant cityscape. Both the Zoid and cityscape were created CG. To add to the spot's intensity, a dark and thunderous sky was composited into the cityscape using Inferno. Camera shake was also added as the Zoid careens down the city streets.

Toy play for the spot was shot in a living room with enormous windows. Unfortunately, at the time of the shoot, the weather was bright and sunny, which contradicted the feel of the spot. Since the background window was included in almost the entire shoot, Reel FX replaced the exterior background with ominous skies and lightning on 18 shots to re-enforce the spot’s dark intensity.

Headquartered in Dallas, Reel FX is a 23 member team consisting of animators, art directors and visual effects artists. Reel FX boasts a range of projects from national commercials to film and television programs. Current projects in development or production include a Halloween special for The Disney Channel, as well as, work for Showtime, Hasbro, Nissan and Gatorade.

Brad Wallace - brad@reelfx.com / 214-979-0961 for more information and hi res imagery or check out the finished spot at Zoids Thunder
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