Cut&Paste is back!

Sat 24th Dec 2011 | News

The global design battle Cut&Paste is now in its eighth year, and it keeps getting bigger.


This time, it’s taking place in 12 design mega cities, and this year that includes Berlin. The cities taking part this year are: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, London, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai & Berlin.



Designers as Stars
At Cut & Paste, young talented designers take their places on stage and show on the screen what they can do with their Wacom-Tablet. When the curtain goes up, they transform the daily work into a performance. And the young designers become rockstars who are cheered on by the 1,000 spectators.


The live competition takes place on 2nd February 2012 at the Volksbühne in Berlin.  Contestants can apply in three categories: 2D, 3D and Motion Design. The winner then is flown to New York City to represent Berlin in the Global Championship against the winners from 11 other cities.


Closing Date for Applications on 8th January 2012
At the moment, the second qualifying round is going on. One can apply until 8th January 2012. Eight competitors will go on from the qualifying round to compete on stage at the final in Berlin.


There they will not only meet their sophisticated public, but also their big chance to socialize with the creative scene of successful designers.  Equally, the performance will be streamed around the world over Live-Casts and On Demand Video. The entire Cut & Paste tournament will reach over seven million spectators. Not bad for the old portfolio.


As with any competition, Cut & Paste is naturally about finding the best of the best. Adobe, the main sponsor has set up a special online training room, where they've given away a few Adobe CS5 tricks, with which can improve your skills. A jury of experienced professionals assesses the designers with strict criteria: not only the originality of the designs and strength of the concept, but also the self-presentation and ability to engage the audience.



The Truth about the Creative Experience
One of the main motivations behind Cut & Paste is to demystify the often invisible design process - and at the same time make it more exciting. What really happens when working on "the creatives" behind an ideas? Cut & Paste shows that it is a mixture of tools and courage that count most in successful design.


In addition to the live competition on stage, the audience is offered a few additional nuggets. Armed with iPads, a public competition seeks audience members harbouring hidden talents. And in 'Show & Tell', the latest trends in design professionals are exhibited.




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