CRYENGINE Now Supports Linux

Fri 21st Mar 2014 | News


Crytek have announced a major update to their state-of-the-art CRYENGINE technology, offering licensees access to a wealth of new features first showcased in Xbox One-exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome.


As well as being optimized for next-generation consoles, the new CRYENGINE now includes Linux support for the first time. The full native port of CRYENGINE to Linux means developers will be able to use the engine's award-winning toolset for the creation of software on Linux Ubuntu 12.04 and newer versions of the operating system, adding to existing support for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Wii UTM, Xbox 360, PlayStation®3, iOS and Android.


Crytek's Director of Business Development for CRYENGINE, Areil Cai, said: "CRYENGINE's power and adaptability has been proven on Xbox One, and with licensees already working on games for PlayStation®4, we've delivered on our promise to make sure the engine was ready for next-gen consoles right from the start. We believe the addition of Linux support and features included in this latest update will give CRYENGINE users unparalleled possibilities as they develop stand-out new games – regardless of the target platform."


The highlights of the CRYENGINE update are:


Physically Based Shading – In contrast to traditional observational based shading seen in most real-time game engines, CRYENGINE's brand new Physically Based Shading model simulates the interaction between light and materials using real world physics.

Geometry Cache – Leveraging the power of today’s new hardware, CRYENGINE computes efficient, cache-based animations to realize the most complex simulations (cloth, explosions, fluid dynamics) normally only possible in offline rendering.

Character Technology – The CRYENGINE update unites the most scalable, technically-advanced animation and rendering systems to deliver astonishingly realistic characters for games in real-time. Lifelike iris parallax mapping allows for a truly realistic eye representation, while new unified shaders for character shadows and hair add to the possibilities.

Image Based Lighting – Image Based Lighting brings lighting and render consistency to all materials. CRYENGINE’s shading model uses advanced BRDF values and normalization of specular highlights to render even the most complex lighting situations.


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