• Clear Ltd Uses REALVIZ Matchmover 2.5 Professional for Renault Commercial
    1 October 2002 | Press Release
     Image: 3D 'Moonset' Provides Atmospheric Backdrop for Renault's Latest Commercial Outing, Seamlessly Combining Computer Generated Elements With Live Action Footage.

    REALVIZ, a leader in image processing software development, announced today, that UK-based Clear Ltd, one of the hottest sfx compositing and animation boutiques in London's Soho, has recently completed pivotal effects for the latest commercial spot for Renault Mégane, using REALVIZ MatchMover 2.5 Professional. The spot will air for the first time in France on 5. October 2002, and worldwide thereafter. REALVIZ MatchMover Professional is the professional way to automatically track 3D camera data and motion from videos and film sequences, whilst offering users the ability to move smoothly back and forth between Automatic and Manual processes, with no interruption of workflow, providing the ease of automatic tracking, with the precision control matchmoving professionals demand.

    Filmed on location in Mexicali, Baja California, Clear Post-Production Producer, Fleur Hollis, and Head of 3D, John Harvey, attended the shoot from day one, at the very outset of the development process. "We were involved pretty much from the start." says Hollis. "Our client was Publicis Milan, however, there were a multitude of nations involved in the project. Although the creatives were from the Milan agency, the agency producer was from Publicis London. The Production Company, Academy's Producer was Swedish, the Director Norwegian. The client's client (Renault) obviously French, and therefore the Account Handler too. Quite a challenge as far as project management was concerned!"

    "For the commercial, the 3D team were asked to create a lunar-landscape, including craters, background hills, stars and dusty ground, which would replace the blue skies of the Mexican salt flats, where the commercial was shot." continues Hollis. "Once the "moonset" had been perfected, SOFTIMAGE¦XSI made it easy to re-use the set in each shot, with each new camera. Since most of the shots used a moving camera (running alongside the Renault Mégane, or in a helicopter) a lot of tracking had to be done, some by eye and some using REALVIZ MatchMover Professional."

    "Whilst we were ensuring, that we had all the technical passes we would need, and that shots used would be trackable, we had the 3D department back in the UK experimenting with different CG textures to prepare for dropping in the space backgrounds. Continuity of CG background from one shot to the next was a challenge. Another was the client specified moon reference, which did not change in the look once it was defined in the development stage. Once the edit had been approved, that left two-and-a-half weeks to start and complete a total of 22 shots. The hard work and expertise of Simon Hutala, Inferno Artist and the Clear 3D team, combined with the efficiency and accuracy of REALVIZ MatchMover 2.5 Professional, meant that this rather tall order was achieved with ease."


    "Having to use mountains (all of which looked exactly the same) as distant tracking points on a desert landscape, was especially tricky." says Hollis. "The team worked closely with the guys over at REALVIZ to achieve these shots, with impressive results. On the shoot we took several hundred digital stills, which we zapped back to London so that planning and design could begin, so that we could achieve a seamless blend between CG moon & live action ground. The tracking of environmental reflections onto the car throughout, whilst time-consuming, was really worthwhile, as we think it looks thoroughly realistic."

    "REALVIZ MatchMover Professional is fast, very efficient & very accurate." adds Olly Nash, 3D team member at Clear. "Background plates were processed through the MatchMover Professional software. It generates a camera path and animation, which is exported to XSI, this enabled the XSI camera to animate around the CG moonset exactly the same as the real camera. Which meant that the footage and cg elements lined-up perfectly."

    About REALVIZ MatchMover Professional
    REALVIZ MatchMover 2.5 Professional launched in July at Siggraph in San Antonio, and began shipping in early September 2002, with significant high-end features added to the existing product, including the ability to create and handle mattes, to merge multiple instances of tracked features, limit the number of tracks, and add 3D locators without resolving the shot, as well as now offering new export options to programs such as Discreet Flint/ Flame/ Inferno and Apple Shake. A Linux version of MatchMover Professional is slated for release in January 2003, bringing the application to an even wider audience. REALVIZ MatchMover Professional is currently available for the Windows NT/2000 platform through REALVIZ resellers worldwide at a price point of $4,999.00 US. For further details on MatchMover Professional go to: http://www.realviz.com/products/mpro/.

    About Clear Ltd.
    Clear traces it's origins back to 1994, and has since grown to become one of the hottest sfx compositing and animation boutiques in London's Soho. In the six years of trading as Clear, the company has seen rapid growth, increasing both in terms of size and the progressively higher profile of jobs. Clear has recently completed work on BBC Proms 'classical' in which Trafalgar Square is transformed into a painting of a huge clock, and provided all of the 150 visual effects shots on Danny Boyle's latest feature '28 days Later', for which the team also used REALVIZ Stitcher. As a post production house, Clear is unique in its field, standing out as one of the few remaining independently owned facilities in London. For further information go to: http://www.clear.ltd.uk.

    About REALVIZ
    REALVIZ is a leading developer of image based creation software based in Sophia Antipolis, France, with U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, CA; and satellite sales offices in Paris, England, Germany and Singapore. REALVIZ develops a suite of image-based content creation solutions for the film, broadcast, gaming, architecture and Internet communities. Derived from years of research efforts at the renowned INRIA Lab in France, the company's applications enable 2D and 3D artists to easily and cost-effectively tackle complex digital imaging projects. REALVIZ' award-winning products are in use by leading production and effects houses, web design, game development and architectural companies worldwide including Cinesite, Framestore, Sony Imageworks, Warner Brothers Animation, Electronic Arts, Buf Compagnie and many others. For more information on REALVIZ, please visit www.realviz.com.


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