Clear completes latest commercial spot for Coca-Cola

Thu 3rd Apr 2003 | News

REALVIZ, a leader in image processing software development, has announced, that Clear Ltd., one of London's leading boutique visual FX facilities, have recently completed an array of special effects as part of Coca-Cola UK's promotional campaign, 'TXT FOR MUSIC', using their automatic tracking software, MatchMover Professional. For the spot, entitled 'Tunnel', Clear successfully created a vibrant CGI environment, compositing live action into the resulting scene. Offering users the ability to move smoothly back and forth between Automatic and Manual processes, with no interruption of workflow, MatchMover Professional is the professional way to automatically track 3D camera data and motion from videos and film sequences, combining the ease of automatic tracking, with the precision control matchmoving professionals demand.

The eye-catching spot, which stars a number of chart-topping bands, including Mis-Teeq, Busted and Kym Marsh, who leapt to fame as one of the winners of Popstars, premiered on prime-time TV in the UK at the beginning of March, offering Coca-Cola drinkers the unique opportunity to win a selection of limited-edition CD prizes and exclusive back-stage concert tickets. "The aim was to create a huge warehouse environment on a grand scale, which would be impossible to realize in the real world," explains Steve Garrad, Clear Senior Producer. "Inside the warehouse, Coca-Cola has created it's own vast storage of recording studios, which have all the artistes inside them, available via a huge robotic arm."

"We created a CGI environment, as designed by the directors Jake & Jim along with Clear's lead animator, Andi Farhall, and composited the live action into the environment." continues Garrad. "From the on-set of the project, Clear's team of Senior Inferno operator Simon Huhtala and 3D lead animator, Andi Farhall, were involved in the design realisation of the director's ambitious brief in both terms of time and scale. Both attended the shoot, by which point the modelling of the CGI had commenced due to the overlapping schedule."

"REALVIZĀ® MatchMover Professional was used to track all of the greenscreen plates, so that the 3D cameras would match the live action, which was achieved in 2 days for 16 shots. The CGI was created using SoftImage XSI and composited in Discreet Inferno & Flame. The CGI took 4 weeks to complete, with a team of 4 3D operators led by Andi Farhall, compositing took 7 days with Simon Huhtala leading in the days and Marcus Wells assisting at night. Pretty hectic stuff!"

Latest Platform for MatchMover Professional To Be Unveiled at NAB 2003: REALVIZ recently announced (27. March 2003), that NAB 2003 will provide the
backdrop for the unveiling of the very latest platform for MatchMover Professional, with version 3.0 scheduled for release in Summer 2003 (Windows and Linux), and a Mac OSX version of the application also available for the very first time in Fall 2003. In the countdown to the launch of version 3, REALVIZ will be demonstrating a MatchMover Professional product in Las Vegas, code-named 'Corsica', which has been developed in close collaboration with a selected number of leading international
post-production houses. The REALVIZ team will be present at NAB 2003 on booth: SU5313 from 7. -10. April 2003.

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