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Wed 26th Nov 2014 | News


CGCircuit (, a tutorial marketplace for traditional and technical artists, is promoting four tutorials featuring Cinema 4D software.


Originally written for Amiga in 1993, Maxon’s Cinema 4D still holds a hand in CG industries and is still being used extensively today.  At a young age, Author Oscar Dominguez, started teaching himself computers.  Today, he is a 3D generalist and has produced four tutorials featuring the use of Cinema 4D.


Cinema 4D (C4D) is a very versatile software useful to a wide variety of audiences.  It is not only used in the CG community but often in architectural and interior design visualizations, broadcast and even in the illustration community.  If you want a thorough introduction to Cinema 4D or would like to learn how to create a broadcast intro, Oscar teaches that and more.  “Introduction to C4D” is a great way to get a rooted start and learn the basics of C4D.


In the intermediate level, “Creating a Broadcast Intro in C4D,” Oscar goes over many topics such as hard surface modeling, multipass compositing, and physical rendering.  If that’s not what you’re looking for, Oscar has two tutorials, “Tank Creation- Part I” and “Tank Creation- Part II.”  These tutorials touch on topics such as modeling, texturing and rendering but also get in depth with how to create VRay shaders and environmental rendering.  With a focus on creating an organized working process, Oscar has created a gaggle of Cinema 4D tutorials that will expand and solidify your C4D knowledge. Head over  to fill your Cinema 4D needs.



About CGCircuit


Born out of love for the art of CG and learning, CGCircuit was founded by Carlo Sansonetti, Cheryl Sansonetti, Federico Bolla and Fabio Maschietti. While CGCircuit is developed and maintained in garages from California to Italy, it makes the unique methods of computer graphic and traditional artists accessible through a tutorial marketplace.  Offering authors a platform to share free, rentable and purchasable content, CGCircuit is focused on providing artists a way to market their knowledge.  Dedication to an author supported community is shown by CGCircuit’s step-by-step instructions on how to create and publish your own tutorial.  See what authors are publishing at


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