CGNetworks Wins GFXArtist 2002 Awards!

Thu 30th Jan 2003 | News

GFXArtist has published their 2002 Awards results and a very nice surprise!

Winning TWO Awards for:
The Best Community Site
Best 3D Site

CG Networks (3D Festival, CG Talk, CG Challenge): "The epitome of a well run network, CG Networks combined sites blow the competition out of the water with timely news, superb forums, frequent features, heftily sponsored and well run competitions, and a whole hearted commitment to the 3D Community. You'd be hard pressed to find a better site. Kudos to the CG Networks team."

Runners Up for Best Forums
CG Talk: "After a nasty split from CG Channel, CG Talk quickly regained it's feet and established itself as one of the, if not the biggest graphics forum on the net. While the forum can be a bit overwhelming because of it's size, the sharp moderating and helpful features such as the featured threads make it a good place to share your artwork and discuss the CG theme. "

Big kudos to GFXArtist for the Awards, Jimmy Hassel (3D Festival), Bella Center, the CGNetworks team (Tito "Lildragon" Belgrave and Ali "Sheep Factory" Tezel), the CGTalk mods and Advisory Committee, and to the community for helping us create a great online presence

GFXArtist 2002 Awards

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