Caligari Announces trueSpace6.5

Tue 28th Jan 2003 | News

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan 27, 2003 -- Caligari Corporation, a pioneer provider of 3D multimedia authoring software, today announced the latest version of its flagship product, trueSpace. Version 6.5 features a new animation engine aimed at meeting the needs of game developers and professional animators.

TrueSpace is an advanced modeling and design environment for projects ranging from print/web design and concept presentation through full character animation. The new animation engine in Version 6.5 enables users to "give life" to 3D objects created in trueSpace using sophisticated animation behaviors and advanced built-in physics.

"trueSpace6.5 will move you,"says Roman Ormandy, president and founder of Caligari. "We've added a powerful suite of animation tools to an already outstanding modeling and design product. The result is extraordinary price/performance and ease of use. Buying trueSpace is like getting an Armani suit at a Men's Wearhouse price."

The most striking new feature in trueSpace6.5 is its non-linear animation capability, allowing users to compose complex animations using clips of motion sequences. Users can define low-level behaviors using the existing Key-Frame view and then edit, combine and blend the created behaviors in trueSpace's new Clip-view editor. This ability to separate low and high level editing enables tremendous flexibility in viewing and experimenting with various animation scenarios, greatly accelerating game action experimentation, for example.

"There is a lot of capability under the hood of trueSpace6.5 that isn't immediately apparent until you use the program," said Nigel Doyle, winner of the Nov. 2002 Caligari animation contest. "The new simulation features were so easy to use that I read the manual after I created a couple of really cool little animations."

Additional animation features in trueSpace6.5 include improved Inverse Kinematics (IK) for better control of bones and joint movement as well as breakable objects that react with the environment. Local physical environments can be assigned to any object in order to create motion causing, for example, leaves to swirl at the passing of a car. Joints can now be assigned physical properties allowing them to react to other objects and these environments.

Significant enhancements have also been made to trueSpace's core modeling environment improving control over object detail and workflow. These include the addition of selective surface subdivision surfaces enabling users to add extra detail, such as wrinkles around a nose, without significantly increasing the polygon count of the model and geometry paint which enables users to place multiple copies of any selected object on the surface of another with a single, smooth brushstroke. A new surface healing tool closes gaps when converting NURBS to polygons, improving the quality of output to 3D printers and other 3D CAD programs. The chamfers and fillets tools have been expanded to handle mixed blends and new global and interactive replace tools enable single-click replacement of multiple objects.

Version 6.5 includes expanded support for the X and DXF formats and now includes the DWG exchange file format for AutoCAD users. Improved Viewpoint export allows a greater degree of interactivity with Adobe Atmospheres.

Pricing and Availability

trueSpace6.5 will be available in February 2003 for $595. For more information about upgrade pricing and ordering trueSpace6.5, contact Caligari by telephone at 800/351-7620 or 650/390-9600, or visit the Caligari Corporation website at

About Caligari Corporation

Caligari Corporation was founded in 1986 and has remained at the forefront of 3D authoring for the Web age. The company's award-winning flagship product, trueSpace, is a 3D modeling and animation program used by product designers, web designers, illustrators and animators worldwide (according to the latest Roncarelli Report, trueSpace was named as #1 in licenses and the world's most widely used 3D application). Caligari iSpace is a 3D web graphics and animation program that allows web developers to create stunning 3D web pages in HTML and Macromedia Flash format. The company maintains headquarters at 1959 Landings Drive, Mountain View, California, 94043. Contact Caligari by phone at 800/351-7620 or 650/390-9600; by fax at 650/390-9755.

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