Burning Man meets TED

Tue 21st Jan 2014 | News


Behind the glitz and glamour of the world’s most impressive films and videogames lies a network of talent that keeps the entertainment industry on top form. While these remarkable people usually remain unseen by the masses – though you will have seen their names rolling by in the credits of the latest blockbusters – when these art giants come together, that’s when the real magic happens.


Once a year, one of the most attractive locations in Portugal is selected to play host to a gathering of the biggest names in visual effects, games and animation. Here, these incredible talents unite in a selfless act to share their skills and industry experiences with those that dream of one day working with the best. Branded as a festival for the fearless, the passionate, the restless, and those eager to learn, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn (THU) is a rare opportunity for go-getters to see, meet and mingle with producers, animators, game developers, concept artists and 3D artists – in the sunshine, with a beer.


Festival-goers will experience life-changing seminars on the most up-to-date art techniques used by the pros to design and craft the world’s most notable productions. Plus they can challenge their heroes to art battles, share a friendly game of football on the beach, take advantage of career-changing recruitment sessions, and get mentorship from the biggest and best artists currently working in films and games today.


THU 2014 promises to take what is already a proven festival experience and evolve it into nothing less than a “boot-camp paradise”. On top of scheduled seminars by some of the best artists in the world, attendees will have access to informal mentored lessons, fireside chats with Oscar-winning legends, hands-on workshops, exclusive recruitment sessions, plus life-drawing sessions featuring several of the Suicide Girls. Add plenty of Portugal’s renowned sunshine, sea, sand, food and alcohol, and paradise is ready and waiting for those lucky enough to get hold of a ticket.


“When we first dreamed of bringing together the giants of the VFX and animation industries, we imagined a festival in a professional, creative, friendly environment,” co-founder Andre Luis explains. “A place to come, see and conquer. [Portugal] offers all that: great design, cutting-edge technology, beautiful beaches and the kind of magical ambience that will make your experience at THU unforgettable.”


The THU festival is a not-for-profit venture that aims to invest any money that is raised at the end of each event back into new projects and funding scholarships. Backed by Scott Ross, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Digital Domain, Inc., one of the largest digital production studios in the motion picture and advertising industries, THU 2014 promises to take art festivals to a completely new level. “THU is like Burning Man meets TED – a global gathering of the world’s new generation of digital creators,” said Scott Ross.


Tickets are now available via www.trojan-unicorn.com for the 2014 festival, which will take place in Portugal on 17-20 September 2014. In the meantime, several planned parties in London, Paris and Los Angeles are designed to offer eager types the chance to win ticket-plus-hotel prizes. Those interested in mingling with the greats and like-minded creatives are encouraged to follow the THU Facebook Page for future announcements: www.facebook.com/TrojanUnicorn.


Speakers already confirmed for THU 2014 on 17-20 September 2014 include:


Ian McQue – Lead Concept Artist, Rockstar North Ltd (Assistant Art Director on Grand Theft Auto V)

Kyle Mcculloch – VFX Supervisor, Framestore (Gravity)

Ben Mauro – Freelance Concept Designer (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)

Catherine Mullan – Animation Supervisor, MPC (Wrath of the Titans)

Gavriil Afanasyev Klimov – Senior Concept Artist, Treyarch

Alessandro Baldasseroni – Lead Character Artist, Blur Studio

Andrew Hickinbottom – Freelance 3D Modeler and Character Designer

Rebeca Puebla – 3D Character Artist

Denis Zilber – Freelance Illustrator


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