BOXX Technologies Supports New AMD Athlon(tm) MP Processor 2400+

Wed 11th Dec 2002 | News

AUSTIN, TX - December 10, 2002 -- BOXX Technologies, a leading provider of award-winning digital content creation systems for the entertainment and digital film industries, today announced its XXtreme 3DBOXX workstations, RenderBOXX rendering systems and ServerBOXX servers now feature the AMD Athlon(tm) MP processor 2400+ with QuantiSpeed(tm) architecture and Smart MP technology.

Designed for Microsoft Windows or Linux, 3DBOXX and RenderBOXX are available in single and dual processor configurations enhanced with NVIDIA Quadro4 XGL architecture and optimized for modeling and rendering 3D content and animation with popular software programs such as Maya, 3ds max, Softimage 3D, LightWave 3D, and Houdini.

ServerBOXX servers, offered in deskside or rackmountable 5U configurations running Windows or Linux, are built for mission critical applications that require multi-processing performance, massive amounts of system memory and tremendous I/O bandwidth.

With the new AMD Athlon MP processor 2400+ with QuantiSpeed architecture and Smart MP technology, BOXX customers get optimal performance for compute-intensive applications such as 3D modeling, CAD, animation and digital video editing.

"BOXX customers push the limits of processing power on a daily basis," says Rick Krause, president and CEO of BOXX. "By offering the latest AMD Athlon MP processors in our 3DBOXX, RenderBOXX and ServerBOXX systems we can deliver the processing power they need to streamline workflow and meet deadlines."

"We've designed our highest performance AMD Athlon MP multiprocessor for businesses that rely on power and performance around the clock to fulfill commitments to their customers," said Ben Williams, director of server product marketing, AMD. "BOXX systems powered by AMD Athlon MP processors 2400+ help businesses manage their workloads and stay connected to their customers."

About 3DBOXX, RenderBOXX and ServerBOXX
Available in single and dual processor configurations running Microsoft Windows or Linux, the 3DBOXX series features high-performance workstations built for digital content creation. The series includes enhanced system architecture and accelerated graphics capabilities and utilizes the NVIDIA Quadro4 XGL graphics adapters with NVIEW(tm) multidisplay technology.

The RenderBOXX series of high-speed rendering nodes are designed to streamline the rendering process for HD, digital film, video, game development, 3D design and animation. Available in a 1U (1.75") form factor, RenderBOXX offers unparalleled processing power over conventional rendering systems to reduce rendering times and increase throughput.

ServerBOXX is a dual processor deskside or rackmountable 5U server built for mission critical applications that require multi-processing performance, massive amounts of system memory and tremendous I/O bandwidth.

Pricing and Availability
The 3DBOXX, RenderBOXX and ServerBOXX series introducing the AMD Athlon MP processor 2400+ with Quantispeed architecture are currently shipping. Pricing varies with system configuration. For more information on BOXX Technologies, or to locate BOXX's International Resellers, please visit the BOXX web site at or call toll free 877-877-BOXX (2699) or 512-835-0400 (outside North America).

About the AMD Athlon MP Processor
The AMD Athlon(tm) MP processor is an x86 processor designed for high-performance multiprocessing servers and workstations.

Leading corporations use AMD Athlon MP processors to increase productivity in areas such as oil and gas exploration, Web-hosting services and motion picture rendering. In addition, many of the world's most prestigious universities use AMD Athlon MP processors in super clusters for compute-intensive research applications.

A key advantage of AMD's multiprocessing platform is Smart MP technology, which greatly enhances overall platform performance by increasing data movement between the two CPUs, chipset and memory system. Smart MP technology features dual point-to-point, high-speed 266MHz system buses with Error Correcting Code (ECC) support designed to provide up to 2.1GB per second per CPU of bus bandwidth in a dual-processor system. Smart MP technology also has an optimized Modified Owner Exclusive Shared Invalid (MOESI) cache coherency protocol that manages data and memory traffic in a multiprocessing environment.

The AMD Athlon MP processor features the patented QuantiSpeed(tm) architecture, which includes a high-performance full-speed cache with hardware data pre-fetch, a fully pipelined superscalar floating point engine, and an exclusive L2 Translation Look-aside Buffer (TLB). The processor also incorporates 3DNow!* Professional technology, which has 51 new instructions that extend AMD's 3DNow! technology, enabling smoother, richer and more lifelike images, more precise digital audio and an enriched Internet experience.

The AMD Athlon MP processor is compatible with AMD's stable Socket A infrastructure, and supports DDR memory technology. It is manufactured using AMD's 0.13 micron copper process technology in Fab 30 in Dresden, Germany.

About BOXX
BOXX® Technologies, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance, high-bandwidth Microsoft Windows and Linux-based hardware and software solutions for the 3D, animation, digital film, and HDTV broadcast markets. BOXX solutions are designed to increase productivity and performance and include 3DBOXX®, RenderBOXX®, HDBOXX® and ServerBOXXTM-all customized systems for 3D, rendering, HD non-linear editing, compositing and playback, and server solutions, respectively.

About AMD
AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and networked computer and communications markets with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Asia. AMD, a Fortune 500 and Standard & Poor's 500 company, produces microprocessors, Flash memory devices, and support circuitry for communications and networking applications.
Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California, AMD had revenues of $3.9 billion in 2001. (NYSE: AMD).


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