• 2d3 Boujou wins Primetime Emmy Engineering Award
    Leonard Teo, 19 August 2002
     Image: A shot from CBS Animation's work on ‘Astronauts’, 20th Century Television production for ABC, set at NASA headquarters and on the International Space Station.

    The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that 2d3's automated motion tracker boujou will be awarded a Primetime Emmy Engineering Award at the Engineering and Interactive Television awards ceremony in Los Angeles on August 21st for its impact on the creation of complex visual effects.

    The Emmy Award is given to 'an individual, company or an organization for developments in engineering that are either so extensive an improvement on existing methods or so innovative in nature that they materially affect the transmission, recording or reception of television.'

    Since its launch early in 2001, boujou has made a major contribution to high-profile television productions, music videos and commercials by facilitating the creation of visual effects combining live footage and 3D, and by assisting in complex compositing tasks.


    Dynotopia, Band of Brothers, Jim Henson's Jack & The Beanstalk: The Real Story, Path to War, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are among those productions to have benefited from boujou's leading-edge technology.

    boujou automates the process known as matchmoving, in which live footage is combined with computer-generated elements. Matchmoving was previously a highly skilled and expensive process, adding significantly to the cost of post-production. By using advanced adaptive algorithms developed from vision science research, boujou has made it possible to create complex visual effects with a wider range of material than before, and in a fraction of the time previously required.


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