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Tue 14th May 2013 | News

The Blender Master Class book is a hands-on guide to mastering the modeling, sculpting, materials and rendering with Ton Roosendaal’s Blender software. Produced by No Starch Press, with Ben Simonds and Thomas Dinges, it packs a decent punch with technical instruction on the first start up, making your way around the interface of Blender, as well as diving in and creating your own models by way of example.



Not only Blender, but also GIMP is covered in this book, though primarily it is a Blender Master Class.  The form of the class is to bring those beginners in and show them around. The pace quickly steps up to simple geometry, into building much more complex forms and then into sculpting with Blender’s powerful brushes. Retopologizing is next, with a thorough instruction on the basics, right up to using the engine to form a head and face of a human character.

Stepping into painting with the texture brushes begins soon enough as well, and each chapter walks you through a piece of the modeling process offering quite detailed explanations on each tool as it passes. This colorful book is brimming with brilliant imagery, examples of what is actually possible with this amazing software if you use your talents and stick with it.

Ben Simonds is a 3D artist and co-director at Gecko Animation Ltd., a CG animation company in London.

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