Bionatics adds 50 new plants and trees to natFX plant product line

Sat 15th Mar 2003 | News

Bionatics has increased its online plant nursery to ease growing demand for plants and trees stemming from several continents. Seeking to satisfy the CG market for specific trees and plants, the 50 new virtual seeds are available for immediate download and use from Bionatics’ website.

Dedicated to bringing plant diversity to the CG world, Bionatics has increased its plant library with 50 new species ready for use in its plant modeling and simulation software packages. Now users may generate white firs, Mexican dates, eucalyptus trees, teak, figs, African hairbrush cactus and various other species.

Collaborating with its clients such as Oiko Entertainment who needed specific trees from the plains of Africa such as the baobab tree, Bionatics is setting a standard for getting the client what he needs. Frederick Tibout, Founder and President of Oiko Entertainment comments :

Each plant and tree has an expression of the genetic coding of its real-life counterpart embedded into it. Using a stochastic calculation, the virtual seed is able to produce an infinite number of procedurally different variations of the plant. Using virtual seeds, a new concept in plant modeling, users are literally able to sprout their scenes with life with models that are botanically correct.

Age, set seasons, control levels of detail and more have made Bionatics the choice software for plant modeling. Coupled with a vast and diverse and an ever-expanding plant nursery, the user is able to purchase and download any available virtual seed directly from Bionatics’ site and generate the desired model with a few clicks of the mouse. Saving on production time and streamlining workflow, plants and trees are now accessible and viable means of populating games as well as any outdoor scenery. For more information on Bionatics products and plants, please visit

Price and availability
Prices vary according to product (60 USD to 150 USD) and quantity purchased. 50 percent reduction with 40 or more plants purchased. Plants may be purchased online once one of the following products has been purchased (EASYnat, natFX for 3ds max, natFX for Maya, REALnat).

Bionatics website

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