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Mon 3rd Dec 2012 | News

Winners in the BassAwards categories Best Social and Best Young Talent are to be published this week.


BassAwards is born from the premise of rewarding one of the disciplines of design in recent years that has grown exponentially, that of the broadcast design. Many contests pay homage and appreciation to this discipline within their ranks but they are very generic when creating unique categories where commercial, identities, animations, etc. are competing.


The registration period of professional pieces ends 31st December. Also, there is a promotion for pieces that register from now until 10th December (submit two pieces, get one more free of charge). This initiative aims to see the best works around the world. Many studies are enrolling one or two pieces, but we want to reward them in some way and offer the possibility of having recorded two pieces, can introduce one more free of charge.


BassAwards is the awards program that rewards high-profile broadcast the best design around the world, ranging from film to television. The visual design becomes a competitive advantage within the industry, improving products and making them more profitable. Whether in film or television identities, creativity and visual design convey ideas, philosophies and stories that help improve a product.


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