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The BASS Awards are looking to showcase the best in the world, the best Broadcast design pieces: TV Channels, TV Platforms Production Companies, TV Channels On Demand, Motion Graphic Studios, Videogame Companies, Creatives, Freelancers.  Are you one of them? Don’t miss out. The gold can be yours. BassAwards will annually award excellence in design, innovation and creativity in audiovisuals up to an international level; ranging from cinema to television, video games and mapping.

TV Channel pieces (Best Original Logo Design, Best Channel Branding Design, Best Ident/Interstitial/Bumper, Best Special Day/Event Promo, Best Movie Promo, Best TV Series Promo, Best Sport Promo, Best Promo Ever, Best Program Branding Design), Film & TV Series (Best Film Credits Sequence // FILMS, Best Opening Sequence// TV SERIES), Mapping and Videogames can participate in the awards.

Not only do the BassAwards aim to distinguish the professionals in the sector, but they also represent great compromise with new talents, students in their last year and designers who have just finished their studies at design colleges. These designers conform a new group of highly talented people that must be promoted and that arrive with brand new fresh ideas as well as with new concepts about design and how to implement them. For this reason, the participation of the Best Young Talent has been made easier as it is completely free of charge.

Furthermore, BassAwards is committed to social development and environmental protection. We can not stay apart from the need to change and get involved in CSR tasks. We want companies that use motion graphics in their campaigns as well as the agencies and freelancers underpinning the making of these campaigns, become visible in our awards without having to pay anything; not only as entities, but helping them spread their message through our Best Social.

And as BassAwards awards excellence, we are delighted to have a high level jury which is greatly qualified and differential. Firstly, Mich Micenmacher will be responsible for all the pieces entered, selecting the top 15 pieces. This short list will be evaluated in the professional categories by Stephen Price, Carolina Melis, Lauren Hartstone, Justin Cone, Jungeun Kim, Ricardo Fernández, Laura Alejo Pablo Alfieri, Heike Hummel, Kevin Hill, Lilian Darmono and Lucas Davison.

As regards to Best Social and Best Young Talent, Your vote counts. The votes correspond to 40% of what you decide (popular vote) and the other 60% with be provided by a professional jury. In Best Social, we are honoured to have Marga Castaño, Françesc Aragall and Leon Kaye; as regards Best Young Talent, we are delighted to have some professionals from some of the best design colleges in the world: Eric Riewer, Mario Pochat, Christian Mahler and John Colette.

Why should you participate in BassAwards? Simply because we want design to be as relevant as it actually deserves to be. Without you we simply cannot achieve this. Now you have the chance to occupy the position you belong. The Gold can be yours, and along with the gold comes international recognition for your professionality; a distinctive insignia rewarding the quality of your work.

Dates for the Call for Entries

Professional categories 1st October – 31st December 2012.
TV Channel, Film & TV Series, Mapping, Videogames.

Best Social Best Young Talent: 1st October- 30th October 2012.

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