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Thu 1st Nov 2012 | News

Autodesk's own Scaleform Mobile SDK game released onphones and tablets, celebrated with new Scaleform version.


Autodesk has a new mobile game of their own, 'Starforce Battlement'. The game was created using 3ds Max, the Adobe Creative Suite and the Autodesk Scaleform for Mobile SDK. It is now available on iOS as a free iPad download and planned to be available on Android and Windows Phone 8 devices later this year. 

Autodesk's 'Starforce Battlement' is a new 2D mobile tower defense game developed by the Gameware team using the Scaleform Mobile SDK and 3ds Max software. Created as a proof-of-concept game, 'Starforce Battlement' is an engrossing mobile experience that demonstrates the latest capabilities of the Scaleform Mobile SDK. It is available today on iOS as a free iPad download and will be available on Android devices later this year. The game and all its assets, including the FMOD sound engine, are also provided to customers buying a Scaleform Mobile SDK license.



'Starforce Battlement' immerses gamers in a series of intergalactic missions as they travel throughout different planets and galaxies to defend their territories from encroaching enemy troops. The game features four distinct levels in which gamers arm themselves with defensive units and super moves, such as the ability to call in an airstrike and beam extra troops into battle.

Also, Autodesk Scaleform 4.2.21 SDK was released today, October 31st, 2012.

Scaleform 4.2 provides improvements in AS3 performance and compatibility, more efficient rendering for mobiles, and support for new platforms.

Features in the release of Scaleform 4.2.21 is more ActionScript 3 Compatibility and Coverage
AS3 Application Domain. Also, there is an AS3 CacheAsBitmap, AS3 Net Socket, and AS3 Generational Garbage Collection and new platforms, including Windows 8 Phone. The Autodesk Scaleform 4.2.21 SDK is downloadable now from the Scaleform Developer Center (below).

Key Scaleform Mobile SDK features used to create the game include: support for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3 and native C++ APIs; aliased vector graphics rendering; accelerated compilation; included FMOD license for audio support and a smaller memory footprint.

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