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Thu 25th Jul 2002 | News

At SIGGRAPH 2002, NXN Software introduced NXN alienbrain VFX, the first asset management solution specifically designed for the production of computer-generated feature films and visual effects productions. The software addresses the specific challenges faced by CG film productions such as handling and protecting terabytes of digital assets in millions of individual files, organizing teams of more than 100 people and managing projects with timeframes of two to four years.

In contrast to traditional asset management systems that focus primarily on archiving completed assets, NXN alienbrain VFX helps production teams manage their assets from creation to completion and supports established mechanisms of organizing and structuring the content.

Proven in large entertainment projects
Developed in collaboration with one of the leading CG film studios in the US, NXN alienbrain VFX is based on the technology of NXN alienbrain, a digital asset and production management system used by global entertainment companies including Electronic Arts, Sony, Lucas Arts, Ubi Soft and Infogrames. NXN alienbrain has proven its worth on digital entertainment projects worldwide, including hit game titles like NHL Hockey, the Olympics, Superman and Micro Machines, complex on-line games like Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest II as well as CG animation films like Xilam’s Kaena, which is due for theatrical release in Q4 2002.

NXN meets CG film needs
Key film-specific features of NXN alienbrain VFX include:
- Asset management support for scanned and rendered film frames;
- Handling of large, binary files like 3D models, textures and film frames;
- Preview and thumbnails for film industry file formats, sizes and aspect ratios;
- Graphical clients for film-industry platforms including Linux and Mac OS X as well as Windows;
- Scalability to tens of terabytes of production data and millions of objects;
- Optimized high performance file transfers in NFS (Network File System) environments.
- Integration with common visual effects, animation and film industry authoring tools, such as Maya, 3ds max and SOFTIMAGE XSI.

General availability of NXN alienbrain VFX is scheduled for Q4 2002. The cost of NXN alienbrain VFX depends on the number of users, hardware and software configurations, and the specific workflow used by a production.

NXN Software

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