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Mon 18th Mar 2013 | News

The Secrets of Building Epic Worlds through the Strengths of Artsourcing.

Chris Mielke is one of the hugely talented producers at Epic Games in North Carolina. He is set to give a talk at the Game Developers Conference which covers the ‘Artsourcing’ for assets in the productions by Epic Games.  The session, within the Production Track will guide your next production in ths globalized market.  


Epic Games and Ballistic Publishing worked on and produced the book The Art of Gears of War which will be available throughout the GDC 2013 conference at the Breakpoint Bookstand at the event. Say hi to Dave Hemsath and Chris Mielke from us.

‘Artsourcing’ means Sourcing Art from outside sources. There are plenty of studios and freelance artists able to bring in their expertise for the creation of Environment art, as well as Character art.  Epic Games has a great name in the industry after 21 years n the business. They created the Unreal Engine and with 182 employees in their headquarters in Cary North Carolina, they are pumping out great work all of the time.


Epic Games has additional studios in Seattle WA, Salt Lake City, Warsaw in Poland, Seoul in South Korea and Yokohama in Japan. They have an alliance with Yingpei Games in Shanghai China.


The Gears of War, Infinity Blade, and Fortnite universes started out as concepts on paper, but were lovingly crafted into living worlds by talented external artists shepherded by Epic Games studio staff. Looking back through these titles, GDC attendees will discover how the Epic quest for high quality artwork was fulfilled. They will learn the secrets of Epic's success in utilizing outsourcers and will be better prepared to circumvent some of the obstacles Epic encountered in the early days of production for all these award winning titles.


In the Gears of War 3 game production, 520 environment assets were sourced from outside in the two and a half years. In the production of this and Infinity Blade 2, many issues were found and corrected. In his talk at GDC, Chris Mielke will bring some solid advice to production managers, addressing the many pitfalls and highlighting advantages awaiting the creatives in the heat of creation. Do not miss this talk if you intend being a part of a production that is considering outsourcing any part of their Character, Environment or cinematic art creation.


This session is best suited to artists, art managers, and production staff currently working with creative outsourcers, or anyone considering working with external art teams will gain helpful knowledge for use in big or small game productions.    


Stick this in your GDC Schedule for 2pm on March 27 in Room 2005 of the West Hall.


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