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Thu 3rd May 2012 | News

Autodesk and CGSociety announce the winners of the Armed & Dangerous Mudbox Challenge.


CGSociety would like to thank first of all the great range of Sponsors, the judges and most of all, the artists that made this such a raging success of a challenge.  Their work, dedication and spirit have been amazing, with enthusiasm at every step of the way.


There were a great number of Mudbox modelers running in the Armed & Dangerous Mudbox Challenge, but one guy threw his hat in the ring a little more than anyone had anticipated.  



First Prize went to Ben Davis, (mantegra) for his wrestler in The Slug.   Mantegra tore an arm off and used it as a dangerous weapon in the most entertainingly creepy image seen for a while.  


Winner's comments:

To say I am excited right now is an understatement! To win my first CGSociety challenge is a real honor.
The theme of the competiton was enticing enough and I actually bought a new workstation specifically to work on because I wanted to prove to myself that I could achieve something that I could be proud of. I worked tirelessly and sacrificed all my evenings and weekends just focusing on completing this challenge. I have learnt so much and owe many thanks to family and colleagues who encouraged me and gave me support along the way. Being able to compete with other talented peers who partook in this challenge alongside me gave me inspiration and helped me to grow tremendously as an artist. I have learnt so much about Mudbox and it's simple UI and interface and painting tools are the best I have used out of any sculpting package to date. Thanks!


 It was most certainly the favorite of the judges:


The final render is fantastic, the lighting, shaders and modeling are all top notch. A stellar piece.   I like that he tried something different in the beginning and then evolved his concept.  Then further evolved it in the modeling phase by removing the arm and using it as a play to ‘arm’ himself.  Impressed with the material separation as well.  Skin looks like skin, cloth is cloth and the garbage bag looks like a plastic bag.  Nice work. - Chris Perna, Epic Games.

"Incredible sculpting! Mantegra masters organic sculpting as well as cloth. It really shows how much work that has been put into this sculpt! Pure awesomeness!" - Jonas Skoog

This is a great sculpt with great detail across the whole character.  I enjoyed reading the concept and idea about the character and that story was well executed to the final, finished image. - Peter Zoppi


Ben Davis wins a hoard of great prizes too.

US$5000 cash from Autodesk, a NextEngine 3D Scanner, and from Offload Studios, a statue of his wrestler. from NVIDIA a Quadro 4000 Video Card, from CGSociety's CGWorkshops, his choice of two CGWorkshops, and a copy of Ara Kermanikian's 'Introducing Mudbox' book.


Second Prize:  Nikoloz M. from the Ukraine for his Onion man


Nizikar Second Prize winner



Judges Comments:

I love the original and unique idea of an Onionman. I can smell him from here! The pose, attitude, and intimidation won me over. The sculpting and detailing are very tight and fun to look around at. The weapons are very nicely designed and executed although I wish the blade was a bit larger to match the tenacity of the overall character. I also would have loved to see the skin details read better in the final render. A great job on creating a really creepy guy! -  Jesse Sandifer

Very interesting and unique design choices that are well executed.  The character has a nice sense of weight and very cool, freakish look. - Peter Zoppi

"A really cool character that stands out! Nikizar shows outstanding sculpting skills as well as great imagination." - Jonas Skoog.

Prizes are a NVIDIA Quadro 4000 Video Card; from CGWorkshops, choice of a CGWorkshop; the full range of Ballistic Publishing D'Artiste Character Modeling books, [1,2 and 3]; and 'Introducing Mudbox' by Ara Kermanikian.


Third Prize went to Milan Tofel from SLOVAKIA.


His 'All for revenge' showed some definite danger. 


Tofel Third Prize

Judges comments:

Great Piece!  Very nice attention to detail across the entire character through both the modeling and texturing phase. The anatomy and pose look great! The facial expression is very well done and there is a nice sense of tension and aggression. - Peter Zoppi


NVIDIA Quadro 4000 Video Card; a choice of a CGWorkshop; 'Introducing Mudbox' by Ara Kermanikian.



There were also a number of Honorable Mentions. Not least was one that showed a fun side of being Armed and Dangerous.  The Pool Assault image by Drew Brand has won him a prize by Wacom in an Intuos4 graphics tablet.

Fantasy Master      
Cristiano Policarpo         


Congratulations to not only all the winners but to everybody who participated! And a massive thanks to our sponsors: Autodesk, NVIDIA, NextEngine, WACOM, Offload Studios and CGWorkshops!



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