Architectural 3D Relies on PURE for New Visualization Department

Tue 17th Sep 2002 | News

Architectural 3D (A3D), a London-based architectural services company, is relying on PURE 3D rendering solutions from ART VPS as the foundation for its newly launched visualization department. PURE, a PCI add-in 3D rendering card for graphics workstations is proving very popular for companies looking to offer the highest image quality in the architectural visualization market. Uniquely, A3D will combine its new visualization capabilities with its existing PAL (Project and Logistics system) - a 4D project planning system developed exclusively by A3D for the construction industry.

A3D is using PURE to create high quality images to communicate construction intent to off-site parties, such as property executives, investors and other stakeholders in the project. With PURE, the visualization team transforms architectural 2D drawings into virtual photographs of the building and it's structure - either as a stand-alone project or as part of the PAL system. Different elements of a building structure can be examined and used for design communication, including brochures, planning and promotion.

According to Barry Ramsay, founder and Managing Director, A3D can have a significant influence in helping to ensure the success of a development project. "A3D helps to provide greater co-ordination between on-site parties and more accurate monitoring of a construction project by off-site personnel as a construction site goes through its many stages. The launch of our new visualization department alongside our PAL system, means we can provide more effective property communication services before, during and after construction."

The choice of PURE for the new visualization department was, according to Edward Bruce-Radcliffe, Visualisation Specialist at A3D, an obvious one. "We'd been very impressed by the quality of the images that PURE produced. When we tried it ourselves we also discovered just how productive the card is. In addition to regular internal and external shots of a building, we can often be trying to visualize the very complex internals of a structure - such as air conditioning ducts, water piping and electrical ducting. PURE deals with complex data very efficiently and the images look great!"

The visualization department at A3D is already up and running and has completed work on a variety of construction projects underway in London, UK. The department uses 3dsmax and PURE running on Windows workstations. "The images we create are used to explain to various contractors on site how their services installation should go together", says Bruce-Radcliffe. "The size and complexity of the projects that we deal with mean that it is often the case that communication is best achieved through graphics. With high quality imagery, straight away the M&E contractors are able to coordinate their efforts in order to reduce build time and therefore reduce cost."

One of the areas that A3D is targeting with its services is the petrochemical industry. "We can have a substantial impact in helping with the massively complex construction of new petrochemical sites", said Barry Ramsay. "Through our PAL system and visualization department we can provide a clear model that shows the construction of the site, and helps with build programs, clash detection and construction management."

"Good graphics will communicate the status of a construction site more effectively to technical and non-technical viewers alike", commented Ramsay. "PURE really lets us create the most realistic images - and this truly pays dividends."

About ART VPS Ltd.
ART VPS Ltd. develops and markets leading edge Virtual Photography solutions for users in the AEC, Industrial Design, and computer graphics markets. Virtual Photography allows computers to create images of uncompromising realism from digital data. Generating images in this way can significantly reduce the time-to-market for new products, architectural designs and entertainment projects. The company developed the world's first dedicated ray tracing graphics processors - the only 3D graphics chips that can create images of true realism. RenderDrive, ART's 3D rendering appliance, and PURE, ART's 3D rendering workstation add-in board, are application independent and can be used with many 3D applications including 3ds max, 3D Studio VIZ, Maya, and any RenderMan-compatible application.

ART's customers include: Paul Steelman Design, Skidmore Owings & Merrill, and Taylor Woodrow plc for architectural visualization; The 3DO Company, Naxos Images, and Rushes for film, video, and interactive production; and Bombardier Aerospace, Procter & Gamble, and Shell for design visualization.

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About Architectural3D
Architectural 3D (A3D) was founded Barry Ramsay in 1999. The company employs 25 people at its London headquarters, providing coordination, management and monitoring services to the construction industry.

A3D can be found on the web at

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