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Mon 3rd Sep 2012 | News

The nominees for the 2012 animago AWARD have been chosen.

Late in October, the 2012 animago AWARDs will be handed out in eleven categories at a ceremony at Metropolis Hall (Media City Babelsberg) during the animago CONFERENCE (25-26 October 2012).

The animago AWARD is an internationally renowned competition for 3D, visual effects (VFX) & interactive media handed out by the magazine DIGITAL PRODUCTION. 2012 will mark the 16th time the award has been handed out. A jury of experts chose five nominees in each category from a pool of more than 900 international submissions.


“The 950 submissions we received for the 2012 animago AWARD outdid the number we got in 2011, and this is further confirmation that the animago’s international reputation and standing are increasing considerably each year”, argues Jana Freund, project manager of the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE. “Digital artists from Moldavia, Argentina, Macedonia, Sri Lanka, Peru and many other countries submitted their work, and the level of awareness for the animago AWARD around the globe is unbelievable. We wish all the nominees the best of luck at the awards ceremony in October”.


The categories and nominees for 2012 animago AWARD are:

Best Post Production:
·         The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Platige Image (Poland)

·         B.O.A.T.S. - based on a true Story, Tobias Haase (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) (Germany)

·         Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back, Digic Pictures (Hungary)

·         Game of Thrones Season 2 VFX, Pixomondo Images (Germany)

·         Coke "The Great Happyfication", Psyop Productions (United States)


Best Advertising Production:
·         L'Odyssée de Cartier, Quad Productions (France)

·         Edet Paper World, glassworks (The Netherlands)

·         Twinings "Sea", Psyop Productions (United States)

·         Nissan Altima, Framestore (United States)

·         LG "Somethings Lurking", Psyop Productions (United States)


Best Visualisation:
·         VW Quicar, Liga_01 Computerfilm (Germany)

·         Cell-to-Cell Communikation - Inflammatory Reactions, interActive Systems (Germany)

·         Concerning Dinosaurs, Florian Köhne (FH Potsdam) (Germany)

·         My Inner Secrets - Racing Excycloaedia, AixSponza (Germany)

·         Ending Overfishing, Uli Henrik Streckenbach (Burg Giebichenstein-Kunsthochschule Halle) (Germany)


Best Still: Reader‘s Prize DIGITAL PRODUCTION
Readers of DIGITAL PRODUCTION magazine will choose the winner of this category. The public voting process will run until 15th of September 2012 on the animago fan page
·         Jalamity Jane, William Bentley (Media Design School) (New Zealand)

·         Fließender Verkehr, Fredi Voß (Germany)

·         Nomad, Marco Hakenjos (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) (Germany)

·         Katsumoto, Hasan Bajramovic (Bosnia - Herzegovina)

·         The End, Isak Edstrom (Media Design School) (New Zealand)


Best Short Film:
(Productions until 25 minutes)
·         A Shadow of Blue, Les Films Du Cygne (France)

·         Tuurngait, Paul Emile Boucher, Rémy Dupont, Benjamin Flouw, Mickael Riciotti, Alexandre Toufaili (Supinfocom Arles) (France)

·         Red, Alexandre Charleux, Victoria Bruneel, Amaury Brunet, Ning Zhang (Supinfocom Valenciennes) (France)

·         The Chase, Autour de Minuit (France)

·         Rising, Mikros image (France)


Best Character Animation:
·         Hooked, Cybertime (Austria)

·         I'm Picky, Sabotage Studio & Tot'ouTard, Sylvain Tardiveau (France)

·         TOOandTRE3, 23lunes (Spain)

·         PlayStation Vita & Cannics: Touchscreen, Fiftyeight 3D (Germany)

·         Sequoia Snail, Quad Productions (France)


Best Young Production:
The prize carries a value of EUR 3.000 sponsored by DIGITAL PRODUCTION.
·         Omerta, Nicolas Loudot, Fabrice Fiteni, Arnaud Janvier, Gaspard Roche (Supinfocom Arles) (France)

·         Slug Invasion, Morten Helgeland, Casper Wermuth, Lasse Rasmussen, Carina Løvgreen, Kirsten Bay Nielsen, Polina Bokhan, Peter Egeberg, Magnus Myrälf, Maria B. Kreutzmann (The Animation Workshop) (Denmark)

·         A fox tale, Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay, Chao Ma (Supinfocom Arles) (France)

·         Start Watching, Marc Zimmermann (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) (Germany)

·         Oh Sheep!, Gottfried Mentor, (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) (Germany)


Best Stereo-3D-Production:
·         Timeride Vienna, FaberCourtial (Germany)

·         Mysterious underworld 5D, Virtual Magic & Budgast S.C. (Poland)

·         Asylum 5D, Virtual Magic & Budgast S.C. (Poland)

·         RedBull Flying Steps Intro, AixSponza (Germany)

·         Underworld - Awakening, Celluloid Visual Effects (Germany)


Best Interactive Production:
·         Konfigurator Cadillac Escalade, a&m creative services (Germany)

·         BMW Individual iPad App, Effekt-Etage (Germany)

·         Die neue A-Klasse, Mackevision Medien Design (Germany)

·         Augmented Reality "Winterhuder Wohnkultur", lichtecht (Germany)

·         Iterazer, Felix Herbst (Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle) (Germany)


Best Game Design:
·         Spec Ops: The Line, 2K Games (Germany)

·         Max Payne 3, Rockstar Games (Germany)

·         Mass Effect 3, Electronic Arts, BioWare (Germany)

·         Rayman Origins, Ubisoft (Germany)

·         Meteör, 5th Prime (Games Academy) (Germany)


Jury’s Prize:
Submissions that the Jury finds are successful ideas and/or have an especially prominent combination of image language and technical realisation.
·         Odisea Promo, Dvein, Vando (Spain)

·         Ghosts of Pere Lachaise, ChezEddy (France)

·         The Centrifuge Brain Project, frameboX (Germany)

·         Pickels in a pickle, Ideal Standard Film, Liquid Image (Germany)

·         Dr Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game, Benjamin Van de Laar, Brendan Naylor, Charles Cumming, Don Bradford, Eden Nicolson, Jared Taylor, Kimberley Veale, Manuel Piña, Mike Aslin, Richard Falla, Sergej Žlahtic (Media Design School) (New Zealand)


The jury under the chairmanship of Günter Hagedorn (animago Team) was made up of Tim Borgmann (successful freelance 3D artist for over 15 years both nationally and internationally), Dipl. Des. Christian Braun (Manager Visualization, Porsche), Sabine Hatzfeld (DIGITAL PRODUCTION and Managing Editor of the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE), Maike Petersen (Funding Advisor, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg), Mariette Rissenbeek (Managing Director, German Films Service + Marketing), Prof. Eckhard Rocholl (Managing Director, GbR Rocholl Architecture & Conceptual Design), Michael Vitzthum (Founder and owner of nhb studios), Sabrina Wanie (Managing Director, DIGITRICK Animation Studio in Potsdam/Babelsberg and Lecturer at the Games Academy Berlin), Frank Alexander Zahn (CEO at exozet group).


Team animago is proud of its many sponsor partners at the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2012:
AUTODESK, Breitbild VFX, DOSCH DESIGN, Hewlett-Packard, MAXON, mStore, pARtcours, PI-VR, PNY, Pond5 and WACOM.

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