Anark Unveils 3D Exporters for Maya, Lightwave and Deep Exploration

Thu 30th Jan 2003 | News

NEW YORK, Jan. 30 -- AnarkĀ® Corporation today debuted three new 3D exporters, allowing users of Alias|Wavefront's Maya, NewTek's Lightwave and Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration to export models into Anark Studio 1.5.2. Artists who have these 3D tools in their arsenal can now quickly and easily integrate their 3D creations into Anark's fully interactive, real-time multimedia presentations.

The exporters are now available on the Anark website at ( ), and, once installed, will allow developers to easily export models and scenes into the Anark Model Exchange (AMX) file with full retention of complex 3D data, making for a more productive work environment and higher quality output. In addition to supporting Alias|Wavefront's, NewTek's and Right Hemisphere's 3D tools, Anark also recently announced its support for Discreet's 3ds Max with the launch of the newest version of the software, Anark Studio 1.5.2. By ensuring superior integration with all of the key 3D modeling tools, Anark is enabling content creators to continue to surpass the boundaries of traditional multimedia with Anark Studio.

"Anark's new AMX file format gives artists and developers working in 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave and Deep Exploration the flexibility to repurpose their content and tap into the most captivating multimedia available,"said Doug Wyrick, VP of marketing for Anark. "By harnessing the power of both Anark Studio and leading 3D modeling tools, they can bring a whole new level of interactivity to their projects, and deliver the future of multimedia to their audiences both quickly and cost effectively."

Anark Studio's authoring experience is focused on the creative process, giving artists and multimedia developers a remarkably flexible and creative working environment. Users can be productive immediately based on the software's familiar and easy to use authoring interface, and now with the addition of the AMX plug-in, geometry, materials, and object hierarchies are seamlessly imported into their presentations.

Anark Studio 1.5.2 is available for $995 US MSRP, with additional pricing available for competitive upgrades, educational institutions and students. Anark Studio can be ordered directly through Anark authorized resellers ( ) and on the Anark website. The AMX 3D exporters for Maya, Lightwave and Deep Exploration are available for download ( ) to registered Anark Studio users.

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AnarkĀ® has developed Anark Studio(TM), next generation multimedia authoring software that gives artists and digital media developers the power to create visually unrivaled 3D, interactive multimedia applications. Developers can now create the multimedia presentations they'd only imagined for corporate communications, CBT/e-Learning, tradeshow presentations, and interactive media presentations delivered over CD-ROM, kiosks and the Web. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., and founded in 1994, Anark's partners include industry leaders such as, D-Storm, Microsoft, NVIDIA Corporation, Right Hemisphere, TurboSquid and Ulead. For more information, visit Anark on the Web at .

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