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Wed 30th Nov 2011 | News

The ‘Nocturnal Migration’ Tooheys spot here was the first job for ALT VFX, a brand new company based in Brisbane Australia, only formed in July this year. The staff now working at ALT VFX say they, “all built an artist driven studio and love the work they are doing”


ALT VFX is now producing TV spots and they are finding work on a TV series as well. “We have work for some tremendous, respected clients through into 2012. Our dance card is very full of work at the moment,” says Nick Angus. ALT VFX is staffed by around ten people and for the ‘Nocturnal Migration’ spot, completed 40 FX shots in a little under two weeks.

Compositing was crafted in Nuke and Flame, the deers were all created in Maya and Massive.“ In fact a large part of the pre- and testing stage was done on a kitchen table while we waited for our shipment of gear to arrive,” adds Colin Renshaw, the facility’s VFX Supervisor.

The Nocturnal Spot


The exteriors were all shot in Auckland, in the hotels, houses and out in the streets. All done in two separate shoots in New Zealand. The initial research was pointing to most stuff being captured in-camera. “They had a trained deer farm from a nearby deer farm and I think they initially had their heart set on that concept,” explains Nick Angus. “They had to fence off any area they had the real deer at some huge fee for each location. We did a test with a recreated CG deer, just out the back in our car park, with a Canon 7D camera. The production team were so impressed, they went thru their storyboard with the red marker pen and crossed out a lot of the 'in-camera' sequences because we could do it all in CG without having to rely on the reasonably unreliable deer.    So the CG deers won them over.”. This very entertaining Ad was directed by Garth Davis of Exit Films.


Making Of

Credit list

VFX Supervisor: Colin Renshaw
Executive Producer: Takeshi Takada
3D Supervisor Fur TD: Nick Angus
2D Supervisor: Matt Chance
Flame Artist: Urs Furrer
3D Artists: Sarah Collier, Chris Rentoul and Massimo Righi
Crowd TDs: Malcolm Wright and Nigel Haslam
Compositors: Tim Walker and Chris Elsom
Matte Painter: David Woodland
Motion Capture: Deakin Motion. lab
Colourist: Warren Eagles


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