Allegorithmic Integrates Silicon Studio’s YEBIS 2 Tech

Wed 14th May 2014 | News

Today Allegorithmic will begin integrating Silicon Studio’s YEBIS 2 into Substance Designer 4.3 and Substance Painter beta.


After this integration, what game developers see in their viewport is what will be available in the final rendering. Removing the need to ever leave the program establishes a workflow that for the first time begins and ends in Substance. Whether that means creating beauty shots or making sure the asset currently being textured behaves after applying cinematic post processing effects like SSAO, antialiasing, glare or depth of field, artists now have a level of convenience (and power) that’s never been seen before in the world of game design.


“Digital artists ultimately want to feel unconfined by unnecessary layers. They want to make a change and see what it’s actually going to look like right away,” said Dr. Sébastien Deguy, Founder and CEO at Allegorithmic. "Combining YEBIS 2’s stellar post processing technology with the PBR viewports in both our Substance texture creation products will help us remove most of these layers, and will continue to make the Substance suite the only one-stop shop for textures.”


"Today the latest and most advanced version of our middleware YEBIS 2 is used by the most innovative game developers in Japan and abroad,” said Takehiko Terada, CEO at Silicon Studio. "It is a real pleasure to see it utilized by the most innovative company in its field and through products we love. We can not wait to see what the 3D artists' community will produce now that YEBIS has joined with Substance!”



This integration will be available for Windows and Mac, first in Substance Designer, then in Substance Painter. There will be no additional costs added to the price of Substance Designer or Substance Painter because of this integration.


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