• Alias|Wavefront Ships Maya 4.5
    Press Release, 12 September 2002
     Image: Subdivision to NURBS conversion now provides total geometry freedom

    Alias|Wavefront™, an SGI (NYSE: SGI) company, announced today that the highly anticipated Maya® 4.5 3D software for Windows®, IRIX® and Linux® operating systems is now shipping. Maya Complete™ 4.5 for Mac® OS X operating system will ship on September 23rd. Maya 4.5 boasts a number of major technological developments such as Maya Fluid Effects™ and modeling improvements, the largest collection of API enhancements since version 1 and version parity with Maya Complete 4.5 for Mac OS X.

    “We are proud to be shipping Maya 4.5 on time and for all platforms, as promised to our extensive user community,” says Bob Bennett, General Manager of Product Development, Alias|Wavefront. “In addition to the stunning Fluid Effects technology developed for Maya Unlimited™, we have answered the need of the Mac community to provide version parity with Maya Complete 4.5 for Mac OS X. Our beta sites have been raving about the new features of Maya 4.5 and you’ll soon see the results in upcoming major motion pictures, commercials and video games.”

    Maya 4.5 Highlights; Maya Fluid Effects Technology
    Conceived by Alias|Wavefront’s renowned research department, Maya Fluid Effects will allow users to create: atmospheric effects (billowing clouds and cigarette smoke); thick, viscous liquids (mud, lava); pyrotechnics (fire, explosions, nuclear blasts); and space effects (comets, nebulae and meteors). The addition of a new Ocean Shader allows users to create realistic oceans through a displacement and shading technique; the ability to create buoyant objects that react to the simulated water movement makes the Ocean Shader one of the software’s most anticipated features. An extensive library of examples and presets is included in the software, with additional updates accessible from the Alias® web site. For more information on Maya Fluid Effects, visit http://www.aliaswavefront.com/fluids.

    Powerful Modeling Tools in Maya Complete
    Maya users have stated that they want greater modeling flexibility, and now the full range of advanced NURBS and subdivision surface tools is available in Maya Complete; this includes the innovative ability to convert from subdivision surfaces or polygons to NURBS. Smooth Proxy tools have also been added, allowing rapid building of high-resolution geometry with a low-resolution polygon proxy cage.

    API Enhancements
    Game developers, large production facilities and Maya's extensive third-party plug-in development community will benefit from the most extensive API release ever, with enhancements to the Polygon and Rendering APIs and the introduction of extensions to file referencing allowing additional API access.


    Version Parity with Maya 4.5 for Mac OS X
    For the first time Maya Complete 4.5 is presented on all supported hardware, allowing users running on different supported platforms to exchange files. Mac OS X users will have access to all the new features from Maya Complete 4.0 and Maya Complete 4.5, in one package.

    For more details on the features and functionalities of Maya 4.5 please refer to the Alias|Wavefront Announces Maya 4.5, press release at http://www.aliaswavefront.com/press.

    Pricing and Availability
    Maya Complete, available for the Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, IRIX, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, is priced at $1,999* (US) and includes Advanced Modeling, rendering, animation, dynamics, Maya Artisan™, Maya Paint Effects™ and Maya Embedded Language™ (MEL), an open interface for programming and scripting. Maya Unlimited is priced at $6,999* (US) and includes Maya Fluid Effects™, Maya Fur™, Maya Cloth™, and Maya Live™. Maya is available through the Alias|Wavefront network of authorized resellers or may be purchased online at: http://www.aliaswavefront.com. Version upgrades are priced at $699* (US) for Maya Complete, and $999* (US) for Maya Unlimited.

    About Alias|Wavefront
    As the world’s leading innovator of 3D graphics technology, Alias|Wavefront develops software for the film and video, games, web, interactive media, industrial design, and visualization markets. Entertainment and games customers include: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc., CNN, Core Design Limited, Digital Domain, Disney, Electronic Arts, Industrial Light & Magic, Factor 5 LLC, Midway Games, Nintendo, Pacific Data Images (PDI), Pixar, Sega, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Square Co., Ltd., Warner Feature Animation and Weta Ltd.

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