Alias|Wavefront Announces Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition

Wed 27th Nov 2002 | News

Alias|Wavefront has announced that the new Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition will be available in December 2002. In response to requests from the Maya Personal Learning Edition community, enhancements have been made to make Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition a more effective learning tool. The watermark is no longer visible when working in wireframe mode so users can concentrate on developing their modeling skills. Also with this new release, it is possible to import different data types, including files from the commercial version of Maya. This gives users access to the many Learning Tools from Alias|Wavefront as well as after-market books and the huge virtual Maya community on the web.

The experience of learning Maya is multi-lingual as Alias|Wavefront presents the Learning Maya | Beginner's Guide containing a one hour DVD learning guide, an introduction to Maya booklet and a Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition CD with English, French, German, Japanese and Korean language tracks. Also new in this version of Maya Personal Learning Edition is one-step documentation installation in either English or Japanese.

The Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition includes all new features found in Maya Complete 4.5 software, so users can experience the full power of the software. New modeling tools, Subdivision surfaces, integrated 3D Paint and numerous User Interface (UI) and workflow enhancements are a few of the features that Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition users can experience, for free.

Maya 4.5 Personal Learning Edition CDs are initially available, at no cost, exclusively at global 3December events on December 3, 2002.

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