Adobe CS 5.5

Sun 17th Apr 2011 | News

Adobe has announced the Creative Suite 5.5 product line, opening up designers and other creatives to the popular and emerging smartphone and tablet platforms.

Substantial advances in HTML5, Flash authoring, digital publishing and video tools as well as the integration of tablets into creative workflows, seem to be the new centre-stone for the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 product family.

With this release Adobe also announced the company would introduce any new full CS product versions at 24-month intervals, with x.5 releases every twelve months.

Today also sees Adobe debut an affordable and flexible subscription-based pricing plan, attractive to customers that want to get current and stay current on Creative Suite products, have project-based needs, or try the software for the first time.

New Subscription Editions ensure customers are always working with the most up-to-date versions of the software, without the upfront cost of full pricing. With subscription pricing customers can use products such as Photoshop for as little as US$35 per month, Design Premium CS5.5 for US$95 per month, and the Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection for US$129 per month.

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