Action 2.5

Wed 27th Feb 2013 | News

IKinema announces Action 2.5, the MoCap camera system for real-time streaming, retargeting and recording.


Raising the bar in real time animation production, software experts IKinema push out big advancements with Action v 2.5, fitted with latest specialized motion capture tools and impressive features.

Action boasts further exceptional marker solving and retargeting capabilities, easier slimmed down methods, and now supporting quality motion capture system OptiTrack. The free software update is available to Action veterans today, whilst new customers look forward to 50% discount from the already accessible price, less than US$1000 compared to competing software.



IKinema continuously remains top guns outperforming competing solvers and providing total creative control to the Maya artist. Action retains subtle nuances and detail which is increasingly important to realistic behavior and movement of an actor during performance capture, crucial to an engaging audience experience. Experts at simplifying working methods, additions include applying filtered MoCap data directly to any CG model, further advanced retargeting and motion capture capabilities during post-production, and a range of new tools enabling slimline processes for solving in Maya. The latest Pole Vector constraint for rigging delivers the final crucial component.


Delighted to announce OptiTrack to their motion capture portfolio, Action’s real-time streaming, recording and retargeting facilities is now extended to the OptiTrack customer base. "We're excited to bring OptiTrack users real-time character streaming in Autodesk Maya through our partnership with IKinema. OptiTrack focuses on creating elegantly simple pipelines that deliver the best possible performance, so IKinema Action's straightforward workflow and superfast marker solve make it a natural fit for our products. When combined with OptiTrack's newest optical MoCap technology, IKinema Action enables the creation of production-quality animation at prices that are turning our industry on its head. "Jim Richardson, OptiTrack CEO.



“We constantly keep our ear to industry needs and our company is dedicated to improving the end-users experience who demand excellent tools to produce excellent results. We’re extremely pleased to open our tools to OptiTrack users; our software partnered with their system makes technological and economic sense. We’re proud to partner with another top performer whose ethos echo’s our very own - quality, speed and affordability.” Alexandre Pechev, CEO, IKinema.


New Features
• Assign world constraints from various sources during retargeting with advanced mechanism for post-production adjustments
• Manipulator for animating retargeting constraints – quickly adjust MoCap during retargeting
• Pole Vector Constraint
• OptiTrack interface – real-time stream and record marker and joint data, and rigid bodies
• Create Look-At Task – point bones in given directions
• Extensive range of demo scenes in Maya


New Action Tools
• Import/Export Solver Data.
• Auto-Connect Markers By Name – automatically link markers and joints based on naming convention.
• Adjust Match Pose – adjust the match pose during marker solving and retargeting.
• Save/Load Templates – for marker association and retargeting.

The Action 2.5 update is free to existing users for immediate download from the IKinema site. Full license US$980 or £890. IKinema, associated resellers and partners are running a 50% discount to their customers available for 30 days, ends 26th March 2013. Available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows operating systems. Available up to Autodesk Maya 2013.5.



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