ACD Systems and Realview 3D Release Three New Digital Imaging Plug-Ins

Thu 19th Dec 2002 | News

Victoria, British Columbia – December 18 2002 -- ACD Systems International Inc. (TSX:ASA), the digital imaging company and makers of ACDSee™, today announced the launch of three new digital imaging plug-ins created by Realview 3D. Developed with ACD’s Software Development Kit (SDK), RealOptimizer Pro, Realview 3D and Realview 3D Pro will be marketed by Realview 3D and through ACD Systems’ powerful Electronic Sales and Distribution (ESD) channel as well as other established marketing vehicles.

This agreement builds on the previous partnership between ACD Systems and Realview 3D that included the development and successful distribution of RealOptimizer image optimization software. The new products plug-in to ACDSee and ACD mPower Tools™ to provide consumers, graphic and web designers and business professionals with powerful capabilities to optimize images with filters and add interactive animations and 3D pictures with “hotspots” to websites.

RealOptimizer Pro: Expands the image optimization capabilities of RealOptimizer by allowing users to apply up to 15 filters to their images, such as blur and rotate. The filter speed capabilities, the ability to reduce the file size and dimensions, while previewing changes in real-time allows the optimization of images up to 50% faster than with standard graphic design software.

Realview 3D: Enables users to add interactive animations, or 3D pictures to their websites, thus increasing the effectiveness of a website by encouraging visitors to stay longer and buy more.

Realview 3D Pro: Used by companies around the world to increase sales and decrease returns, Realview 3D Pro extends the capabilities of Realview 3D by enabling website visitors to click on “hotspots” to change the viewpoint of 3D images. With Realview 3D Pro, hotels, art dealers, car retailers and other industries selling goods online are able to provide an interactive, rotating picture of an image to enable customers to obtain a realistic feel for the product.

Peter van Veen, CEO of Realview 3D B.V., said, “Our first partnership with ACD Systems for the launch of RealOptimizer was a great success. Not only were we able to reduce our software development costs by using ACD’s Software Development Kit (SDK), we were able to sell more product as a result of ACD’s globally recognized brand name, their well established sales and marketing programs and their multi-lingual customer support.”

Chair & CEO of ACD Systems, Doug Vandekerkhove said, "A recent study conducted by Greenfield Online concluded that visitors stay longer and buy more on websites that contain 3D objects. By enabling them to optimize images and add 3D pictures to their websites, the Realview plug-ins will meet the needs of web designers and business professionals who recognize the power of selling through the Internet. These products complement ACD’s existing product line and further demonstrate that ACD’s SDK program is a proven model that offers positive results for both parties.”

RealOptimizer Pro ($59.95 USD), Realview 3D ($49.95 USD) and Realview 3D Pro ($99.95 USD) are available for purchase from Realview 3D and from ACD Systems For more information on ACDSee™ or other ACD Systems digital imaging products and solutions, please visit

About Realview 3D
Realview 3D B.V., based in the Netherlands, was founded in August 2000. The company develops, markets and distributes graphics-related software for the home and professional market. The company specializes in image optimization with the primary goal of creating software products to easily enrich the content of websites. For further details, please visit the corporate web site:

About ACD Systems International Inc.
Headquartered in British Columbia since 1993, ACD Systems International (TSX:ASA) is one of the world's leading developers and marketers of digital imaging software. ACD has penetrated the global marketplace through advanced Internet distribution and strategic partnerships with manufacturers and developers. ACD has millions of consumer users and over 33,000 corporate customers including many Fortune 500 companies. The company has a history of solid revenue growth. For further details, please visit us at our corporate web site:

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