3ds Max refresher

Wed 14th Nov 2012 | News

Autodesk Tech Specialist Chris Murray takes a fundamental trip around the UI on 3ds Max.


Autodesk presents a series of videos designed to get the users of their software aligned to what they have in front of them. There's nothing better than getting that 'back to basics' refresher on the dashboard of the machine you work with every day. Autodesk Technical Specialist Chris Murray provides a quick introduction to the orientation and layout of the 3ds Max UI and explains some of the thinking behind its design. Spend 15 minutes here and save hours off your 3ds Max learning curve, especially if you are new to 3ds Max, the time will be well spent.

There are plenty of videos doing the same thing for Softimage, Maya, Mudbox and Motion Builder. Keep watching CGSociety and Autodesk's Youtube channel as they appear.


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