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Thu 31st Oct 2002 | News

Sophia Antipolis, France (October 29, 2002) -- REALVIZ®, a leader in image processing software development, announced today, that UK-based Clear Ltd,one of the hottest sfx compositing and animation boutiques in London's Soho, has recently completed pivotal effects for Danny Boyle's latest feature film, '28 Days Later' using their award-winning panorama-building software, Stitcher®. '28 Days Later', which opens in the UK on 1. November 2002, is a co-financed venture between Fox Searchlight Pictures and DNA Films, and stars Christopher Eccleston (The Others, Shallow Grave, Elizabeth) and Brendan Gleeson (The General, A.I.). Catering to photographers, web designers, architects, 3D artists and post-production professionals, REALVIZ Stitcher is a professional application for building high-resolution panoramas. Overlapping photos are easily uploaded into Stitcher to produce stunning wide-angle, high-quality images for creating high impact web pages, definition mattes, environment maps, image sequences and 3D models.

In the film a powerful virus is unleashed on the British public following a raid on a primate research facility by animal rights activists. Transmitted in a drop of blood and devastating within seconds, the virus locks those infected into a permanent state of murderous rage. Within 28 days the country is overwhelmed and a handful of survivors begin their attempts to salvage a future, little realising that the deadly virus is not the only thing that threatens them. Recently seen by a select number of press at advance screenings staged in the UK, '28 Days Later' has already been described by Empire Magazine as, "The best British horror movie in the last 30 years."

Clear produced all of the 155 visual effect shots for the film, and were involved during pre-production in helping Danny Boyle and D.O.P Anthony Dod Mantle test the numerous DV cameras on offer to see which would give the look and quality that was needed for the project. These tests were carried out in conjunction with MPC who carried out the final Telecine grade and video to film transfer. Post commenced in early January 2002 and was completed by the end of May. The main task was to make London appear to be completely deserted. This ranged from simple traffic lights removal to the more complex task of removing cars and people from moving shots. The same technique was required for a number of hand-held internal shots where ceiling strip lights were removed from inside a supermarket, work which senior Inferno artist Ben Murray carried out over 3 weeks.

One of the key effect sequences was a petrol station explosion, which was shot on a set and was then composited into a location in London. Due to the limitations of wide angle lenses available for the DV camera, Clear used REALVIZ Stitcher to piece together six live action plates, from six different cameras, to create the city-wide shots required by Boyle.

Clear's Head of 3D John Harvey explained: "Previously this kind of shot would have been really difficult, nigh on impossible, however, REALVIZ Stitcher's ability to correct aspect ratios and match colour balance enabled us to seamlessly stitch together the various plates as required. Stitcher actually does what it says on the can !"

Clear's 3D department were also asked to model and animate in SOFTIMAGE®¦XSIT a swarm of rats fleeing from the infected. Live action rats had been shot on set but the 3D option was explored for aesthetic reasons by director Danny Boyle. Clear's 3D department also created the billowing smoke effect that was composited to make the city of Manchester appear to be on fire.

Clear's Visual Effects Producer Steve Garrad commented: "28 Days Later was a fantastic opportunity for our talented Inferno and Flame artists to work on material that was particularly suited to their skillsets, and get a chance to do it working on a Danny Boyle film! It's wonderful that a post boutique like Clear has had the chance to prove itself doing major effects on a film by such an influential director."

About REALVIZ® Stitcher®
REALVIZ Stitcher is the way to build high-quality panoramas for the Web, film, print, and 3D. With advanced features, REALVIZ Stitcher 3.5 gives photographers and artists the power to deliver the most impressive panoramas in the formats they need. Stitcher combines overlapping photos easily into stunning wide-angle, high-quality images for creating high-impact Web pages, definition mattes, environment maps, image sequences, and 3D models. Recently awarded the Digit UK 'Best Buy' logo ('Top Three Multimedia Tools'/October 2002), the product also garnered the 'Visitors' Choice' award at MacFest UK 2002. Post-production professionals worldwide have also recognized the value of this multifaceted application, which has played a pivotal role in the creation of key effects scenes in blockbuster films, such as the recent 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin', starring Nicholas Cage. For more information on Stitcher go to: http://www.realviz.com/products/st.

For more information on '28 Days Later' go to: Official website

About Clear Ltd.
Clear traces it's origins back to 1994, and has since grown to become one of the hottest sfx compositing and animation boutiques in London's Soho. In the six years of trading as Clear, the company has seen rapid growth, increasing both in terms of size and the progressively higher profile of jobs. As a post production house, Clear is unique in its field, standing out as one of the few remaining independently owned facilities in London. For further information go to: http://www.clear.ltd.uk.

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