2014 CG Student Awards Winners

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Now in its fifth year, the Autodesk Computer Graphics Student Awards was the first award of it's kind dedicated to computer graphics students worldwide. It has become globally recognised as a platform to reward and showcase the next generation of computer graphics artists. 2014 was no exception with over 230,000 in prizes on offer from 29 sponsors including 15 Studio Internships (Bootcamp Placements) going to the winners.


"Competition aside, the underlying mission of the CG Student Awards has always been to promote new talent" says Awards Co-founder Alwyn Hunt.  "There is amazing talent continually coming out the doors of training facilities around the globe, and we want to promote this"


The dedicated team of judges laboured over the demo reels and shot breakdowns of 640 students to select the finalists listed below. To be eligible to compete students had to have attended an accredited course between January 2013 - May 2014.The voting process involved judges scoring each entry based on criteria including - creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, raw talent and future potential.

CGSociety congratulates all the entrants on some great achievements.




Winner: Adrien Lambert, ArtFX – CG School



About Adrian


I am Adrien, 22 years old. I am passionate about VFX since eight years. After High School I decided to study in a visual effects and 3D animation school.


I joined ArtFX, a french school located in Montpellier, where I spent four years. I made my graduation movie : Initium (co-directed with Emeric Larochette, Alexandre Dechel, James Ross-Greetham) during my last grade. It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed working in a small team on a science fiction project.


Since graduating in June 2013, I started my career in different companies in my home country. (Foret Bleue, Cutback). Then I worked for some other Film & TV companies abroad. (Pixomondo, The Mill). I am currently working in London and hope to continue my career in this astonishing city.


See the supporting materials for Adrian's entry on the CG Student Award's site here.


Judges Comments

Jakub Krompolc, Prime Focus - "Impressive!"


Kayn Garcia, Framestore - "Fantastic Reel, was such a joy to watch . Outstanding work."


Anders Langlands, Solid Angle - "Nicely presented reel. Wide range of skills. Loved the ice environment."


Richard Frances-Moore, Weta Digital - "Really great general all round work. High quality in all areas."



Runner Up: Martin Lapp, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg



About Martin


My Name is Martin Lapp and I'm in my third year studying Animation and VFX at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany. I'm currently at the end of my year off, where I worked for seven months at Method Studios here in Los Angeles. Three weeks ago, I won the VES Awards for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project together with my Team for our Short "Rugbybugs", which was completed last year at school. Rugbybugs was also the main trailer for this year's FMX Conference in Stuttgart, Germany. Now I'm returning to Germany to complete my last two years of studies working on my Diploma Project. 


See the supporting materials for Martin's entry on the CG Student Award's site here.


Judges Comments

Yann Provencher, Weta Digital - "Really nice reel. Surprisingly broad range of experience. This guy is going somewhere".

Sid Harrington Odedra, The Mill - "Exceptional student showreel. The opening shots are particularly nice".

Erik de Boer, Method Studios - "Very strong reel. Great artist".




Leonardo Cavaletti, Bournemouth University   



Leonardo Krajden, Gnomon School of VFX  



Quentin Medda, ArtFX – CG School    


Sengjoon Song, Academy of Art University  






Winner: Servando Lupini, Gnomon School of VFX



About Servando


My name is Servando Lupini, I'm a modeler and texture artist for games. I have finished at Gnomon School of VFX in Los Angeles California. Here is my reel. I hope you enjoy it!


See the supporting materials for Servando's entry on the CG Student Award's site here.


Judges Comments


Greg Herbeok, Gameloft - "Brilliant! Nicely executed character designs and modelling".


Scott Mitchell, Ubisoft - "The 3D follows the concepts very well. Excellent execution. Every asset has tonnes of character. A very strong reel".


Steven Manship, Ninja Theory - "Excellent. Really versatile and well excecuted pieces. Lovely concept work too".



Runner Up: Chris Gillett, Gnomon School of VFX



About Chris


My name's Chris Gillett and I'm a character artist. I attended Gnomon School of Visual Effects from June 2011 - June 2013. It was the best decision I ever made and I hold the experience and the friendships very close to my heart! Most importantly, I have an undying affinity for potbellies and sock-feet.


See the supporting materials for Chris's entry on the CG Student Award's site here.


Judges Comments


Lars Martinsson, Crytek - "Strong modeling, textures and material skills. Many good assets in different styles. I like the dynamic feel and silhouettes as well".


Wyeth Johnson, Epic Games - "I like this reel. Clean presentation. Just the right amount of work, maybe needs a bit of editing but it's close. Models are very tight. Good representation based on the concepts. Solid texture work and lovely UV layouts and space usage for the most part. Good blend of stylized and more realistic work. Creatures and humans. Fantasy, sci fi, toon render".





Daniel Harris, Teesside University  


Kai Du, Teesside University  


Min Oh, Academy of Art University  


Patrick Kilcher, Think Tank Training Centre  



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