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The race is officially on for the 15th annual animago AWARD. Digital artists from all over the world have until June 30, 2011 to submit their work to the international competition honouring excellence in 3D, visual effects and interactive media at www.animago.com. Participation is free and open to both professionals and newcomers alike. The competition is organized by DIGITAL PRODUCTION, the leading German-language trade magazine for visualization and digital media post-production.

“As in the past several years, we’re once again expecting more than 1,000 submissions from Europe and the entire world,” said Jan C. Bruhnke, editor-in-chief of DIGITAL Production. “The animago AWARD is a prize handed out by the industry for the industry. It is a reflection of the creativity and digital art generated by our industry each year.”

The animago AWARD has been honouring the best productions in the fields of 3D, visual effects and interactive media in a total of 11 categories since 1997. Until now, participants from over 80 countries have registered to take part in the international competition and submitted their work for consideration by the animago expert jury.

The category overview:
Best Still
This award acknowledges the competition’s most convincing digital still based on the criteria of design, aesthetics and effective use of digital software tools. The most decisive factors when choosing the winner are photorealism, technical execution, character design and the artistic standard of the work.

Best Character-Design
This award acknowledges the best CG character in terms of modelling, movement, facial animation, texturisation and believability.

Best Post-Production
This award acknowledges the best submission in the field of digital post-production for film, TV and the interactive sector.  The key criteria are 3D animation and the use of visual-effect techniques, among others.

Best Short Film (films lasting up to 25 minutes)
This award acknowledges the best digital animated short submitted to the competition. In addition to judging the idea and screenplay, the key focus is placed on the film’s level of technical execution. Character design and character animation, among others, are also evaluated.

Best Advertising Production
This award acknowledges outstanding achievement in advertising film production. In addition to evaluating the idea behind the film, particular emphasis is placed on the technical criteria involved in post-production, including the use of VFX, animation techniques, music and sound design – as well as the on-location execution including SFX.

Best Interactive Production

This award acknowledges the most convincing technical and creative production designed for interaction with users. The key criteria are usability, idea design and use of GUI.

Best Game-Design
This award acknowledges the best computer game submitted to the competition. Among the key criteria are the uniqueness and execution of the game concept, the skilfulness of the programming, the level of expertise in graphics – including character design and animation – and the score and sound design.

Best Stereo-3D-Production
This award acknowledges the best stereoscopic work submitted to the competition. In this category, the key focus is placed on the artistic handling of the medium of Stereo 3D and the technical execution of S3D production on-set or within an animation production. Other criteria include the dimensionalisation of a work within the post-production workflow.

Best Visualisation
This award acknowledges the best visualization of a theme, product or process using modern DCC technology. Key criteria include the idea, digital execution, didactic aspects and animation.
Best Young Production (with €3,000 in prize money from DIGITAL PRODUCTION)
This award acknowledges the best university project completed at a public and/or private university-level institution in the field of digital content creation. Among the key criteria are the idea, technical execution, character design and animation.

Jury's Prize

This award acknowledges the submission noted by the jury as containing an entirely successful idea and an outstanding combination of imagery and technical execution.

Entries for the animago AWARD 2011 can be submitted now until 30 June 2011. The competition is free of charge and open to all - shipping costs are borne by the participant. Further information is available at www.animago.com. Please note that only the entries that meet the criteria of the categories will be considered. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entries (in the case of objectionable or unlawful content). A highly qualified, independent jury will judge the productions. The judges' decision is final.
Submit your entries to the following address: 


Günter Hagedorn

»animago 2011«

Langenharmer Weg 88

22844 Norderstedt


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