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NVArt & CGSociety

NVIDIA is a driving force in the graphics industry. From its inception in 1993 NVIDIA has pioneered new graphics technology at breathtaking speed. But however successful the company is, it's the staggering pace of innovation, technical excellence and passion that endears NVIDIA to creative professionals.

I have long enjoyed an excellent relationship with NVIDIA. Both as a reviewer of their products in earlier years, as well as an industry partner at conferences and events in recent years. NVIDIA has also been a constant and significant supporter of the CGSociety and Ballistic Media. They are major sponsors of the CGChallenges and are always looking for new ways to enhance the CG community.

NVArt extends NVIDIA's involvement with the digital arts community of which they are a pivotal part. There is an excellent fit between the CGSociety and NVIDIA's activities as a patron of the CG arts and it was with great pleasure that we accepted an invitation from NVIDIA to collaborate on the creation and running of the NVArt competitions.

It would be easy to dismiss this as a clever marketing ploy by NVIDIA – but this is simply not the case. We know the people at NVIDIA, they are passionate about their work and the creative arts industry they helped create. They are active members of the CGSociety -- some of their senior staff have their personal work published in our books. Their vision for NVArt is clear and generous.

NVIDIA's role in the industry and its success are in no small part due to the vision and passion of its co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. It's Jen-Hsun who conceived NVArt as a way of celebrating NVIDIA's collaborative success with the creative artists they regard as their peers. This is a vision that we whole-heartedly endorse.

I would personally encourage everyone to enter the NVArt competitions. It's a great opportunity for global exposure and a chance to win great prizes. More than that, NVArt has a destiny as great as the passion, resources and success of NVIDIA and the CGSociety. I am thrilled that NVIDIA has chosen the CGSociety as a key partner in this vision. I know that the rewards of participation for everyone will go way beyond the prizes and recognition gained by entering these competitions.

Mark Snoswell
President of the CGSociety.
1st prize: Total value of US$17,000. $10,000 cash + 2 NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 4GB - 240 CUDA Processors.

2nd Prize: Total value of US$8,000.
$2000 cash + 2 NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB - 128 CUDA Processor.

3rd Prize: Total value of US$3,000.
$1000 cash + 1 NVIDIA Quadro CX 1.5GB - 192 CUDA Processors.

4rth Prize: Total value of US$2,000.
1 NVIDIA Quadro CX 1.5GB - 192 CUDA Processors.

5th Prize: Total value of US$2,000.
1 NVIDIA Quadro CX 1.5GB - 192 CUDA Processors.

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