Lorne Lanning
Co Founder/President/Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants
San Francisco, USA

Lorne has been involved with computer graphics and digital media for over 15 years. He is the Co-Founder and President of the video game development company Oddworld Inhabitants and a member of the Advisory Board for the San Francisco Academy of Art University.

A graduate of School of Visual Arts in NYC, Lorne studied photo-realism and commercial illustration before attending the California Institute of the Arts where he studied film, visual effects and storytelling as well as traditional and computer animation. Enticed by emergent, computer animation work Lorne joined Rhythm & Hues where he contributed to numerous award winning commercials, as well as work for attractions such as Euro-Disney, MCA/Universal, the Worlds Fair, and clients of the caliber of Universal-Japan, Mazda, and Reebok.

In 1994 Lorne formed the video game development company, Oddworld Inhabitants. Developing a worldwide following, Oddworld is currently focused on bringing game tech pipelines to motion picture and television production

Stephan Martinere
Concept artist / Creative Visual Director, Midway Games
Chicago, USA

Stephan Martiniere is an internationally renowned Science Fiction and Fantasy Artist. He is also an accomplished concept artist who has worked on movies such as I Robot, Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3, Virus, Red Planet, Sphere, and the Time Machine. As a visual design director for Cyan, Stephan was also responsible for creating and overseeing the look of the games URU, Ages Beyond: Myst as well as its two expansion packs and upcoming title. Stephan is currently the Visual Design Director for Midway Games in Chicago.

Steven Stahlberg
Lead Artist
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Steven Stahlberg is a co-founder of Optidigit, now partnered with VisualXtreme to form Androidblues, The Virtual Talent Studio. Steven is the head of 3D animation and art director of Androidblues in addition to being an artist, illustrator and animator. After completing his art studies in Sweden and Australia Steven worked ten years as a freelance illustrator for leading advertising agencies and publications in Europe and Asia. Following on from that he had another eleven years in CG for clients such as Digital Anvil, Electronic Arts and Disney. He has also held seminars for Alias and Disney.

Steven has won many awards, including 8 CG Choice, Animago, Arts Electronica, 3D Festival and Comgraph. His art has been featured in and on the covers of dozens of books including d'artiste: Character Modeling. He was the first artist in the world to have a virtual character sponsored by a major modeling agency (Elite, 1999). Steven is internationally acknowledged as a world class digital artist recently being appointed a Maya Master.

Pascal Blanche
Concept Artist/Art Director and 3D Artist
Montreal, Canada

Pascal emerged from a background in Mathematics & Philosophy and earned a diploma in Applied Arts before moving rapidly into game development. Pascal's list of credentials spanning the last 11 years include work in Animation, 3D Art and character modeling. His credits include work on games like: Atripolis 2097, Elric, Stupid Invaders and, most recently, art direction on Myst IV Revelation for Ubisoft. Pascal also worked on the CG feature for TVA International. An accomplished artist in his own right, Pascal has won awards for work contributed to the EXPOSE annuals, has been credited in the roles of Graphics and Design on numerous projects as well as working for Xilam.

David Wright
Creative Director, NVIDIA
Santa Clara, USA

David Wright has a long history as a 3D Artist; starting in 1985 when he first used the Commodore Amiga computers and some primitive ray tracing software. But he quickly progressed to making lots of successful TV commercials, and architectural renderings for the real estate market. Later he focused on the architectural area and co-founded "Artmaze", still one of the leading providers of integrated 3D animated visuals and multimedia services for Real Estate developers.

After graduating in 2000, he was invited to join the USA arm of the European graphics software company "Realviz" as a VP of AEC Marketing, with the task of expanding and shaping their image-based modeling and camera tracking software for the AEC market. Two years later he joined NVIDIA as the head of Creative & Design and exercises his true passions, 3D & Design. David holds a BFA from the Academy of Art University in California, majoring in 3D Computer Modeling.

Mark Snoswell
President, The CGSociety
Adelaide, Australia

Dr Mark Snoswell is President of The CGSociety, Publisher & Art Director of Ballistic Media and founder of Ballistic Media. Mark keeps a fairly low public profile choosing to work behind the scenes. Mark has been a major contributor to recent CGChallenges writing much of the inspirational and technical support material.

His diverse range of experiences include: development of Absolute Character Tools (www.cgCharacter.com); development of The Ultimate Human Model set; film production work for Disney and Warner Brothers; production work for National Geographic; and teaching graphic design, 3ds Max and Painter. Mark’s background includes multimedia design and a career in biotechnology R&D. He is also an artist when time permits and a sampling of his art can be seen in his CGPortfolio http://marksnoswell.cgsociety.org/gallery/.

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