Since their inception in 2007, the NVArt Digital Art Competitions have been driven equally by NVIDIA and the CGSociety. A combination of enormous prizes and a community of passionate and devoted artists has resulted in some of the most inspiring work the world has seen.

Together we have explored the surreal world of Jackek Yerka, fused 2D with 3D, paid homage to the architectural masterpieces of Frank Gehry and created new worlds which are populated by liquid sculptures and fractal growths. These competitions have also raised the digital art genre to a new level with exhibitions of NVArt in fine art galleries, such as the Tate Modern in London.


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9 NOVEMBER 2008 - 10 FEBRUARY 2009

Artists have created strange and wonderful imaginings that are surreal for a long time. Now the digital medium allows the artists to bring their wildest dreams to life. In an age where virtuality meets reality the surreal has become real.

NVArt: Design Fusion

24 April 2008 - 19 June 2008

A great design leaps off the page and into our imagination without hesitation. In contrast a great 3D design lives in a world of its own waiting for a viewer to experience its solidity and marvel at its form.


21 January 2008 - 19 June 2008

A vibrant fusion of light, color and texture... a triumphant folly of architecture and landscape that unfolds in subtly different ways every day.


25 OCTOVER 2007 - 9 JANUARY 2008

Liquid sculptures, fractal growths and knotted freeways, are all examples of amazing things that only exist in virtual reality.

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