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All judging will be performed internally by the jury. First and foremost, submitted works will be judged on the strength of their emotive and narrative elements, with technical excellence as secondary criteria. Participating artists must demonstrate clarity of thought and emotion in their finished images.

Panel of Judges

Jinko Gotoh
Dimension Films
Los Angeles, USA

Jinko Gotoh has more than 20 years experience working as a key producer in the CGI Industry. Her recent screen credits include Associate Producer at Pixar for Finding Nemo and Director of Digital Production at Walt Disney Feature Animation. Some other credits include key roles on Space Jam, Dinosaur and Fantasia 2000. Currently, Jinko is producing Opus for Dimension Films, the first CGI animated feature for the Weinstein Company.

• • •

Dan Curry
Visual Effects Producer
Los Angeles, USA

Dan Curry's name is synonymous with Visual Effects and Star Trek. After gaining a Master's degree of Fine Arts in Film and Theatre, Dan taught painting, drawing, graphic design, set design and fabrication, perspective drawing, and rendering before joining the motion picture industry. Dan worked on the Star Trek TV series as Visual Effects Supervisor and as Visual Effects Producer on Star Trek, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. He also directed second unit for all three shows.

Dan's work has included conceptual design, motion control photography, animation, electronic and optical compositing, matte painting, space ship design, storyboarding, and martial arts choreography. Dan is a 15 time nominee and a seven time winner of various Emmy Awards for his visual effects work. He has also earned three International Monitor Awards. Dan has worked on 118 feature films, speaks fluent Thai and Lao, and is a martial arts expert.

• • •

Paul Joseph Gulino

An award-winning screenwriter, playwright, teacher and script consultant whose work has appeared on HBO/Cinemax, USA Network, on stage in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and in Creative Screenwriting Magazine. His book, Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach, has been adopted as a textbook at leading film schools around the world, and his lecture on the same subject was included in Creative Screenwriting’s “Writing The Masterpiece” DVD set.

Paul taught screenwriting at the University of Southern California for five years, and since 1998 has served as head of the screenwriting program at Chapman University in Orange, California. In addition, he has been a star speaker at the annual Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles. He studied screenwriting with Milos Forman, Samson Raphaelson, and Frank Daniel at Columbia University.

• • •

Mark Snoswell

Dr Mark Snoswell is President of The CGSociety, Publisher & Art Director of Ballistic Media and founder of Ballistic Media. Mark keeps a fairly low public profile choosing to work behind the scenes. Mark has been a major contributor to recent CGChallenges writing much of the inspirational and technical support material.

His diverse range of experiences include: development of Absolute Character Tools (; development of The Ultimate Human Model set; film production work for Disney and Warner Brothers; production work for National Geographic; and teaching graphic design, 3ds Max and Painter. Mark’s background also includes multimedia design and a career in biotechnology R&D. He is also an artist when time permits and a sampling of his art can be seen in his

• • •

Leigh van der Byl

Leigh has been working in the visual effects industry for more than seven years. Starting in her home city of Cape Town, South Africa in 2000, she worked as a CG generalist in VFX for television commercials, music videos and documentaries for over four years, before moving to America and the feature film VFX industry where she worked as a texture painter, and occasionally as a lighting artist and modeler, on a number of films, including  The Aviator, Sin City, Fantastic Four, Snakes on a Plane and The Pan's Labyrinth.

She moved to London last year, and currently works as a texture painter at Framestore CFC. She's recently completed work on  Stardust and Underdog, and is currently working on The Golden Compass, due out at the end of this year.

She is also a regular contributor to 3D World Magazine, as well as an administrator on CGTalk, where she can often be found lurking in her spare time.

• • •

Emiliano Colantoni

After having worked and taught in the field of comics as a colorist and illustrator, Emiliano Colantoni begins his career in 2002 as a CGI artist, discovering Softimage|XSI thanks to Gianfranco Sgura. Since then, he has worked on various projects creating openers and idents for national television and visual effects for TV miniseries and Italian films. He later directed and produced two videoclips for the Italian rock group MAXIATA, “Verso Oriente” (2005) and “Scalda il sangue” (2006).

In late 2006 he took part in the EON CGChallenge, where he lead a team of friends in creating a movie trailer; He was responsible for direction, storyboard, character design, and CGI. In 2007, after having received the first place award for his team's trailer, he created together with Gianfranco Sgura and Marco and Silvia Stellabotte the company “THE SHIFT”, that presently deals with computer animation and VFX.

• • •

Marco Stellabotte

Having given up his hopes of breaking through in the world of soccer, at age 16 Marco became interested in computers and videogames. At 20, he developed an interest for literature, cinema and cartoons. Thanks to these interests, 5 years ago he started off in the world of computer graphics through Photoshop.

More recently, he met Emiliano Colantoni and Gianfranco Sgura and was brought into the difficult but fascinating world of 3D and compositing. After succesfully teaming up with them on projects prior to and including the EON challenge, he decides with the others, to create a company through which they can continue to carry out common interests, projects and ideas.

• • •

David Bonelli

By the age of three he was fascinated by the sounds of musical productions beyond the means of a child, and at ten decided to enter the world of music through piano. With time, he discovered a great passion for the research of sound and began to work with various musicians revealing a great talent as musical arranger and artistic producer.

His philosophy about music, “every note associated to a sound represents the transcription of our day-to-day imagination, real and surreal”, could only bring him into the world of cinema. He perfected his qualities as phonic technician working directly on the set and then later createed the soundtracks and sound designs for numerous commercials, short films and trailers (including the EON CGChallenge).  Currently, he arranges and produces for the rock band MAXIATA ( that he’s a part of.

• • •

Gianfranco Sgura

Having been always passionate for movies, science fiction and arts, Gianfranco Sgura started his career in the mid 90's studying Softimage 3D by himself. He began creating CGI for institutions and local TV ads, then as his experience grew moved to working on graphics for national TV channels and visual effects for Italian TV movies and commercials.

He has been working for several years as a freelancer in Italy, occasionally teaching classes on rendering and compositing in XSI at the Istituto Europeo del Design in Milan.

After winning the EON trailer challenge he was encouraged enough to co-found his own company, The Shift, with Emiliano Colantoni, Marco and Silvia Stellabotte. Currently, the team is involved in the creation of visual effects for two movies.
He strongly believes that doing this job in Italy may be difficult for a lot of reasons, but it's possible, and can lead to a lot of gratifications!

• • •

James Kaufeldt

After a couple of decades of programming, writing, music and comics production, James eventually ended up devoting most of his time to 3D graphics, which has been his main focus for the last eight years. He currently works as a freelance modeler, animator and compositor in the broadcast industry.

His favorite part of the work on any project is the final assembly - "getting shots done". Aside from client-driven work, he keeps himself busy testing Cinema 4D on Maxon's beta team, and spends a lot of time on a personal short film called "Rorschach Beacon".

James has been active in most of the CGChallenges held since 2003, received awards for his entries in "Alienware", "Grand Space Opera" and "Spectacular", then ultimately won the 3D Model Grand Prize in the "EON" challenge 2007.

• • •

Torsten Wolber

Torsten has worked as a freelance illustrator for over 12 years now. During this time he created and visualized character concepts for Television and Merchandising and worked for the main German advertising agencies and magazines. He now spends most of his time painting cover art and editorial illustrations for magazines and giving seminars about digital painting.

Torsten began to work digitally only 4 years ago, switching from acrylics and oils to Mac which is why his work still has a certain analog look.

Among other prizes he gained first place in the last CGChallenge 2007 "EON", 3rd in 2006 Challlenge "The journey begins" and the "Painter Ballistic Master Award" in Fantasy.

• • •

Dehong He

Dehong He comes from China and only started creating comic books eight years ago. After illustrating some comic books for a friend's publishing company, he began to show an interest in painting illustrations for books and pictures for games.

He was then employed by a game firm making games such as 'Conquer', 'Zero' and 'Hero'. He was responsible for creating concept art and posters for the studio. Dehong is now freelance, spending most of his time painting works for magazine covers and comic books around the world.

In July 2006 he entered the the CGChallenge XIX "The Journey Begins" and gained first place in the 2D category. Since then Dehong has been collaborating with a director to paint the concept art and matte painting for her new movie.

• • •

Damian Bajowski

Damian is from Poland, and has been creating CG for six years. His recent focus is on 2D work, though he is also familiar with 3D graphics. He recently graduated from studying architecture, during his education he contributed to various projects - from computer games to illustration and TV commercials.

After completing his studies he chose to work in the games industry, "where there is a wide scope for creativity and fresh ideas". He has recently worked as Senior Concept Artist at CDProjekt Red Studio on the upcoming PC RPG title 'The Witcher' and has just completed working as concept artist/matte painter on Siggraph 2007 winning short animated movie -"The Ark"
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