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Your Mission
The unexpected can delight or shock. It can be exciting or frightening.
It’s often funny. It’s never boring.

This challenge draws on one of the most popular artistic themes – unusual behaviors and relationships. Whether it’s a giant robot admiring a fluffy teddy or a sheep in wolf's clothing; a cow that thinks it’s a helicopter or a warrior going into battle dressed as a giant pink bunny – they all make you stop and think. They also stimulate discussion – what one person finds funny another thinks is demented. Unusual juxtapositions and humor allow us an unprecedented freedom of expression. They can also bring us closer as we laugh together and at ourselves.

Entrants are required to bring to life Strange Behaviors in the most entertaining, humorous and emotive way.

Entries must be made in one of the following categories:

  • Illustration - (any method – 2D or 3D).
  • Animation - Still and 10sec – 2 min animation.
  • Short Film - A 2 - 4 minute short film based on Art Gallery, a screenplay by Paul Gulino.

The Illustration and Animation categories are for Individual entrants only. The Short Film category is open to teams.

All entries will also be automatically eligible in any of the following open categories.

Story is the primary component that will be awarded highest weighting in all judging. The emotive impact and implication of “story behind the image” is the aspect that is most important. Your work must capture the imagination of the viewer and draw them in without relying on any prior knowledge of the story.

How the Challenge will be Run
This challenge will be a WIP (Work in Progress) Challenge to ensure everyone can learn from each other, offer feedback and critiques. Each challenger or team is required to submit Work In Progress (WIP) images.

  1. Enter the Challenge by registering yourself as a CGTalk or CSociety member
  2. Submit your Work In Progress on a regular basis.
  3. Participate in the Community by critiquing other challenger's works in the respective forums.
  4. Submit your final entry before the end of the challenge (avoid the last-minute rush - get your entry in early).
  5. All winners are required to write 'making of' articles accompanied with high-resolution Work In Progress stills, to be eligible for prizes.

Teams can be comprised of any number of members. Each Team must nominate a Team Leader who will be responsible for posting WIP, and who will be the principal contact for all correspondence between the team, its members and Ballistic Media. The Team Leader will also be responsible for the allocation and distribution of prizes between members of their team should they win. We recommend that prize allocations be prearranged and agreed upon before the team enters.

If teams wish to be considered in the various Open Categories then they are encouraged to list their team members and clearly note the relevant roles: Lighter, Art Director, Cinematographer (or Director of Photography), Editor, Compositor, Effects Artist, Screenwriter.

Ballistic Media will not become involved in the resolution of any team member disputes and will not hesitate in disqualifying teams that disagree amongst themselves. All team members must be registered with CGTalk and must be credited on the team's entry.

An individual cannot participate in more than one team entry.

Individual team members may also enter their work in the Animation or Illustration categories as appropriate. This is recommended if individual team members want their work to be considered in the following open categories: Modeling, Matte Painting, Texturing.

Teams may be comprised of individuals working in commercial environments. However, material in commercial production cannot be entered in the challenge.

We have setup a 'Looking for Groups' thread to assist entrants who wish to set up or join teams.

Individuals are allowed to enter in both Illustration and Animation categories. The main reason for allowing this is to permit a Matte Painting artist who does a lot of 3D work to submit their finished Matte Painting in the Illustration category and the 3D textured models in the Animation category. However Individuals are also allowed to make completely separate entries in both Illustration and Animation categories if they wish.

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