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CGNetworks is proud to present the Master & Servant Challenge (CG Challenge XVII), 21 March 2005 - 18 May 2005. Master & Servant Challenge was sponsored by Boxx Technologies, NVIDIA, ATI, Wacom, ART VPS, The Gnomon Workshop, Alias, Discreet, Softimage, Maxon, Luxology, Corel, Turbo Squid, E-on Software & Ballistic Publishing

This challenge explored and exposed the motives, emotions and expressions evoked in a myriad of unequal relationships that pervade the human condition. The theme encompasses an entire spectrum from benevolent leader and adoring followers to maniacal dictator and abused slaves. Whatever situation the artist chose, the image had to convey the relationship; the attitude and action; and the emotions of the Master and Servant archetypes.

And now the time has come to announce the winners of CG Challenge XVII: Master and Servant ! Congratulations!

Winning Results - 3D
Grand Prize Winner   Runners-Up
Krishnamurti M. Costa

3D Grand Prize Winner
Boxx Technologies 3DBoxx 4300 + NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400 + Alias Maya Complete 6.5 + NVIDIA Gelato

Olivier Ponsonnet


First Runner-Up
Discreet 3ds max 7.5 + Turbo Squid Plug-in Bundle (winner's choice)

Monsit Jangariyawong (monsitj)

Second Runner-Up
Softimage XSI Essentials + ATI FireGL V5000 + Softimage Production DVDs + Gnomon Workshop Aaron Sims DVDs + Maxon Body Paint

Adel Adili

Third Runner-Up
ART VPS PURE 1800 Rendering Card

Pär Tingström
(Il Cattivo)

4th Runner-Up
The Gnomon Workshop - All Digital Titles

Martin Sen

5th Runner-Up
Maxon Cinema 4D R9 XL Bundle

Damir G.Martin
(A I R)

6th Runner-Up
Alias Motion Builder

Zubuyer Kaolin

7th Runner-Up
Luxology Modo

Ralf Stumpf

8th Runner-Up
E-on Software Vue 5 Infinite

Winning Results - 2D
Grand Prize Winner   Runners-Up

Linda Bergkvist

2D Grand Prize Winner
Boxx Technologies 3DBoxx 4300 + ATI FireGL V7100 + Corel Painter IX

Matt Dixon

First Runner-Up
Wacom Cintiq 21 UX + Corel Painter IX + Alias Sketchbook Pro

Goro Fujita

Second Runner-Up
The Gnomon Workshop All Analog Titles

Bobby Chiu

Third Runner-Up
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1300

Skan Srisuwan

4th Runner-Up
Discreet Combustion 4

Eduardo Schaal

5th Runner-Up
Luxology Modo

Kekai Kotaki

6th Runner-Up
Wacom Intuos 3 9x12 + Painter IX

Eric Browning

7th Runner-Up
E-on Software Vue 5 Infinite

Maciej Kuciara

8th Runner-Up
Corel Painter IX

Honourable Mentions
2D - Anton Vill
( Ant4d )

2D - Mike May
( feeb )

2D - Michael Dashow
( walrus )
2D - Pierrick MARTINEZ
( Pierrick )

2D - Svetlin Velinov
( Velinov )

3D - vincent guibert
( authentic )
3D - Dimitris Liatsos
( DimitrisLiatsos )

3D - Matt Bortolino
( `mb )

3D - Gerard Jaran
( arlutik )
3D - Mark Endre Seljan
( Tremoside )

    Community Awards

Dimitris Liatsos
Sacha Diener
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