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CGNetworks is proud to present the Machineflesh Challenge (CG Challenge XV), 16 March - 18 June 2004, sponsored by Boxx Technologies, Wacom, NVIDIA, Discreet, The Gnomon Workshop and Ballistic Publishing. 

Combining two popular themes (characters and machines), contestants were tasked to create an image depicting a mechanically altered or enhanced organic lifeform. This fifteenth challenge run by CGNetworks received over 1400 entries in the 3D category and over 700 2D entries, making it almost twice as large as the previously run challenge, and setting the record as the largest online art contest ever run!

Having said that, the voting process was quite a large undertaking, and the time has finally come to announce who will walk away with those incredible prizes! CGNetworks proudly congratulates all winners of the MachineFlesh Challenge!

Winning Results - 3D
Grand Prize Winner   Runners-Up
Krishnamurti M. Costa

3D Grand Prize Winner
3D Boxx Workstation + NVIDIA Quadro FX3000
View gjpetch's entry here
Greg Petchkovsky (gjpetch)

First Runner-Up
Discreet 3ds max 6
See ila_Solomon's entry here
Ila Soleimani

Second Runner-Up
Discreet combustion 3
View Bernardo D's entry here
Bernardo Delgado (Bernardo D)

Third Runner-Up
NVIDIA Quadro FX1100
Winning Results - 2D
Grand Prize Winner   Runners-Up
Daryl Mandrake

2D Grand Prize Winner
Wacom Cintiq 18SX Interactive Pen Display
View Goli's entry here
Jeff Rey

First Runner-Up
The Gnomon Workshop Analog DVD Pack (18 DVDs)
View mime_evermotion's entry here
Damian Bajowski
(mime_ evermotion)

Second Runner-Up
The Gnomon Workshop Analog DVD Pack (9 DVDs)
View francis001's image here
Francis Tsai

Third Runner-Up
Wacom Intuos2 A4 Platinum Edition + 4D Mouse
Honourable Mentions
2D - Jason Chan
( Evil Gerbil )

2D - Brian Read
( flyingP )

2D - David Freeman
( MrFreeman )
2D - jonny duddle
( duddlebug )

2D - Panu Uomala
( Squibbit )

2D - Paul Davidson
( Paul Davidson )
2D - Frederik
( vincent_v )

2D - corlen
( Corlinator )

2D - Shawn Alan Peters
( shawnalanpeters )
2D - Richard Dumont
( Kraull )

2D - udom ruangpaisitporn
( tuck )

2D - Daniel Trbovic
( EmpY )
3D - jason butler
( flinder )

3D - Michael Madic'
( Virtuoso )

3D - Kurt Boutilier
( Kurt B )
3D - Norman Rosenstech
( Deadly Force )

3D - Eric Normandin
( Cygnus_X )

3D - David Marsh
( Swamps )
3D - Ivelin Yordanov
( ivelin )

3D - Yvan Verhoeven
( Skywatcher )

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