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CGNetworks is proud to present the

The Journey Begins Challenge (CG Challenge XIX)
26 February 2006 - 27 May 2006

3D Prizes
Grand Prize

Boxx Technologies 3DBoxx 3200
NVIDIA QuadroFX 4500
Luxology modo 201
1st Runner Up

Autodesk Maya 7 Unlimited
Autodesk MotionBuilder 7 Pro
Pixologic ZBrush 2.5
ATI FireGL V5100
2nd Runner Up

Autodesk 3ds Max 8
Autodesk Combustion 4
Luxology modo 201
3rd Runner Up

The Gnomon Workshop Digital Bundle
Pixologic ZBrush 2.5
4th Runner Up Maxon Cinema 4D R9 Studio Bundle
5th Runner Up
RealViz ImageModeler 4
6th Runner Up
e-on Software xStream Bundle
2D Prizes
Grand Prize

Boxx Technologies 3DBoxx 3200
ATI FireGL V7100
RealViz Stitcher 5
Pixologic ZBrush 2.5
Corel Painter IX
1st Runner Up

The Gnomon Workshop Analog Bundle
NVIDIA QuadroFX 1400
Corel Painter IX
2nd Runner Up

e-on Software Vue 5 Infinite
RealViz Stitcher 5
Corel Painter IX
3rd Runner Up

Corel Painter IX
E-Frontier Manga Studio EX
4th Runner Up Ballistic Publishing Book Bundle (all books)
5th Runner Up Ballistic Publishing 2D/Analog Book Bundle (all 2D books)
6th Runner Up e-Frontier Manga Studio EX
Universal Prizes:

Community Awards:
ALL winners, runners-up and community prize-winners will receive a copy of Stash SIXPACK 2 (6 DVD set), courtesy of Stash Media!

Two copies of SOFTIMAGE|XSI v5 Foundation (valued at $495) will be awarded to outstanding community participants.
Disclaimer: Prizes are subject to change with notification to current contestants.
Prize and Sponsor Information

Software Sponsors
e-on Software

Hardware Sponsors
Boxx Technologies
ATI Technologies

Media & Educational Sponsors
The Gnomon Workshop
Ballistic Publishing
Stash Media

Disclaimer: Prizes are subject to change. This page is always up to date.
Sponsor: Boxx Technologies

Boxx Technologies BOXX 3200 Series Workstation

Propelled by the 64-bit ready single or dual-core AMD Athlon™ 64 processor - Dual PCI-Express x16 slots - NVIDIA Force®4 SLI™ chipset - 3 Gbps SATA I/O - and expandability options that provide industry-leading investment protection - the BOXX® 3200 Workstation is designed to make light work of your complex media-intensive and design applications.

Whether building FX rigs, editing in DV / HDV or inventing in CAD, BOXX Workstations run all the applications you’re used to - application-tuned and optimized for your unique business requirements.

BOXX’s innovative integration expertise makes your applications (and your people) perform like never before.

Included with every BOXX Workstation is our commitment to quality and dependability that other vendors talk about, but just can't seem to deliver.

At BOXX, every Workstation we sell is backed by our no-compromise commitment to your business objectives and concierge services ties everything together.

Sponsor: NVIDIA

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 PCI-X & FX 1400 PCI-X

The NVIDIA Quadro® FX family of desktop workstation solutions delivers the fastest application performance and the highest quality workstation graphics. But raw performance and quality are only the beginning - NVIDIA Quadro FX takes the leading CAD, DCC, and Visualization applications to a new level of interactivity by enabling unprecedented capabilities in programmability and precision. Featuring the industry's first top-to-bottom family of PCI Express products, NVIDIA Quadro FX ushers in a new era of unprecedented performance, programmability, precision and quality.

Sponsor: ATI

ATI FireGL V7100 PCI-X and V5100 PCI-X

The FireGL family of certified workstation graphics accelerators, with solutions for PCI Express and AGP based systems, offers industry leading performance and quality at prices to match any budget. The FireGL Visualization Series is based on a native implementation of the new PCI Express bus and takes advantage of 16 lanes of high bandwidth serial connections.

Sponsor: Autodesk

Autodesk Maya 7 Unlimited

The world's most powerful 3D animation and visual effects software and the ultimate version of Maya. Experience industry-leading innovations for the creation of advanced digital content. Maya Unlimited includes all of the integrated tools and functionality in Maya Complete and adds these industry leading innovations: Maya Fluid Effects; Maya Cloth; Maya Hair; Maya Fur, and Maya Live.

Available for the Windows XP Professional, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems.

Autodesk 3ds Max 8

Realize your most complex, creative ideas.
Bring 3D film effects to the big screen. Generate realistic characters in a top-selling game.  Create rich and complex design visualization. Introduce a new dimension to your school curriculum.

Autodesk 3ds Max 8 software builds on our promise to deliver state-of-the-art tools for creative and media professionals. Developed as a total animation package with a deep, productive feature set designed to accelerate workflow, 3ds Max is the leader in 3D animation for game development, design visualization, visual effects, and education.

Autodesk Combustion 4

The Definitive Creative Solution for the Demanding Effects Artist
If you're ready to achieve amazing digital feats faster and at less cost, you're ready for Autodesk Combustion 4 software - the all-in-one professional compositing application from Autodesk Media and Entertainment.

Delivering a powerfully complete set of desktop visual effects tools, this highly anticipated release promises to ignite the extreme creativity of any serious desktop video artist. Whether your task is to produce professional video motion graphics, repurpose video content for the web, or create effects for feature films or HDTV, Combustion 4 software delivers the first-rate power you need at an incredibly affordable price.

MotionBuilder 7 Pro

This software is the foremost productivity suite for real-time 3D character performance and animation. If you produce high-volume character animation content for games, film, and broadcast, you'll get all the functionality found in MotionBuilder along with other advanced capabilities such as motion capture data mapping, asset management integration, and advanced shader support. Other tools include a real-time animation trigger system, support for live devices, Python scripting capabilities, and the OpenReality SDK, which allows you to create custom plug-ins and workflow tools.
Sponsor: Softimage

SOFTIMAGE|XSI 5.0 Advanced & Foundation

SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0, the digital character software designed with a gigapolygon core to handle ten times the detail for next-generation productions and take full advantage of 64-bit platforms.

A core component at the heart of Avid Computer Graphics solutions, XSI v.5.0 allows 3-D art teams to achieve richer results more quickly. Combined with Alienbrain® Studio, the scalable asset management system and powerful Avid editing and compositing workstations, the flexibility of Avid Computer Graphics solutions make it easier and more affordable to bring order to complicated creative workflows.

Sponsor: Maxon

Maxon Cinema 4D R9.5 Studio Bundle

Top quality made even better. Once again, CINEMA 4D convinces with its forward-looking innovation, ease of use and legendary stability.

CINEMA 4D R9.5 offers you more possibilities than ever before, whether for film, television, advertising, scientific simulations, architecture, product design or any other field that demands professional results. Its one-of-a-kind modular system and the ease with which it can be learned make CINEMA 4D R9.5 the ideal tool for any purpose and every budget. CINEMA 4D R9.5 is available in several languages.

Sponsor: Realviz

ImageModeler 4
REALVIZ ImageModeler is the solution to measure and create 3D scenes using photographs.

Using advanced algorithms, REALVIZ ImageModeler extracts 3D information from stills to help you measure the 3D space created and construct accurate 3D models with highly realistic textures. The resulting model can be exported in your favorite authoring package.

Stitcher 5
Stitcher is a professional-level application, used by thousands of professional photographers, architects, multimedia and 3D artists worldwide, and enables the creation of superb wide-angle panoramas for the Web, film, print, and 3D.

Version 5 of Stitcher is available from September 2005. This latest and much anticipated version of the software represents a real breakthrough in technological terms - full automatic stitching is now offered for the very first time.
Sponsor: Luxology

Modo 201

modo is one of the most advanced polygonal and subdivision surface modeling tools ever created.

Engineered For Flexibility
modo was engineered to meet the challenges of the increasing demands of film, gaming, television, print and many other markets. modo combines a highly advanced real-time subdivision surface engine, fast, flexible and extensible modeling tools, and one of the most innovative and flexible user interfaces ever created. Due to the flexible nature of the modo toolset and interface, modo is excellent for creating models of any type. From organics to hard surfaces, from high-resolution film models to low-resolution real-time meshes, modo has the tools you need.

Built For Artists
modo was created to fill a void in the production world. Today's 3D modelers require a much more robust set of modeling tools, within a real-time environment, designed specifically for manipulating subdivision surfaces. modo delivers this toolset in an architecture that is designed with expansion in mind. This allows artists to create more detailed models, in an interactive environment, in a shorter timeline. modo's customizable nature allows these advanced artists to sculpt the toolset to their production requirements so that productivity can jump to new levels once the artist is fully established in the modo environment.

Sponsor: Corel

Corel Painter IX

For more than 13 years, Painter has been the world's pre-eminent Natural-Media® painting and illustration software. Corel Painter IX offers the same breathtaking brushes and features that Painter artists have grown to love-but with significantly enhanced speed and performance. All brushes now operate at an average of twice their former speed, and some brushes are 10 times faster. Corel Painter IX also unveils the brand-new Artists' Oils Painting System, a revolutionary Natural-Media painting technology that enables you to sample multiple colors from the Mixer palette and apply them as wet oily paint to your canvas.

Corel Painter IX is much more than a software application-it's a creative journey, a treat for the artistic senses and, for many creative professionals, a life-changing experience. The Corel Painter IX Web site was designed to inspire you and to help you discover the magic of Corel Painter IX.

Sponsor: E-on Software

Vue 5 xStream

The Vue xStream suite of plug-ins for Max or Maya* enables CG professionals to totally integrate their 3D projects into Vue environments. Thanks to Vue xStream, Vue 5 Infinite environments will become a seamless part of the Max or Maya scenery.

In one single render pass, Max or Maya elements will be rendered together with Vue elements, accurately matching shadows, reflections and illumination to deliver totally blended CG footage without requiring any additional effort.

Vue 5 Infinite

Vue 5 Infinite is the most efficient and advanced solution for creating, animating and rendering natural 3D environments.

Vue 5 Infinite naturally integrates and extends all major 3D applications* to provide a complete, professional natural 3D studio.

Specifically designed for professionals, it combines a multitude of cutting-edge features that easily integrate with your workflow.

With its intuitive, production-oriented layout, you will quickly create and enhance your production with rich EcoSystemsT of wind-swept trees and plants, volumetric atmospheres and detailed terrains in fully animated scenes.

Vue 5 Infinite is e-on software's high-end 3D scenery solution for illustrators, SFX studios, architects, and 3D Computer Graphics professionals. It is strongly focused on power, productivity and inter-operability with existing toolkits.
Sponsor: Pixologic

Pixologic Zbrush 2.5

ZBrush 2 is a huge leap forward in speed, performance and technology. Modeling, texturing and painting features have all benefitted from unprecedented code enhancements. New tools and options provide even more versatility in all areas, boosting the artist's productivity and streamlining workflow in surprising ways.

Z2 is fast. It boasts handsomely optimized code innovations, combined with unique features, providing more power to create models with unparalleled detailing capabilities. Even medium- to high-resolution models respond instantly to sculpting actions, constantly rendered and shaded in real time.

Building on the freedom to sculpt high-frequency details with ease, Z2 offers revolutionary new modeling, surfacing and texturing techniques, while intuitive controls focus these powerful resources on the creation process.

Sponsor: e-Frontier

Manga Studio EX
The Professional Solution for Manga and Comic Artists! Strongly focused on realism, productivity and inter-operability, Manga Studio EX is perfect for professionals looking for efficiency and flexibility in the design process. EX includes more than screen 3,000 tones and many built-in features, including 3D object import capabilities!

Manga Studio EX, the #1 manga software worldwide, is the all-in-one solution for creating and publishing manga. Add Power and Flexibility to Your Design Process Specifically designed for professionals, Manga Studio EX delivers cutting-edge features that comic artists need.
Sponsor: The Gnomon Workshop

The Gnomon Workshop Digital Bundle

Ready to learn a lot? This bundle will keep you busy for a while, as you go in-depth for hundreds of hours of lectures. Perfect for in-house studio artist development, schools or universities looking to get their students and instructors up to speed on the deep intricacies of Maya.

• NURBS Modeling, 1 - 3
• Organic Modeling, 1 and 2
• Rendering, 2 - 4
• Deformers, 1 - 3
• Kinematics, 1 - 4
• Skinning, 1 - 4
• Constraints 1
• Mental Ray (all 3 DVDs)
• Introduction to ZBrush
• ZBrush Production Pipeline
• ZBrush for Illustration
• Creature Building Using ZBrush
• Digital Sculpting: Human Anatomy
• Head Sculpting and Texturing
• Spherical Panoramic Photography
• Creature Design with Aaron Sims, 1-2
• Photoshop® for Digital Production
• Texture Painting (2 DVDs)
• Character Animation, 1 - 3
• Expressions, 1 and 2
• Dynamics, 1 - 14 (except #3,soldout)
• Digital Environment Workflow
• Polygon Modeling 101
• Creature Head Modeling
• Humanoid Modeling
• UV Mapping 101
• Character UV Mapping
• Paint Effects (2 DVDs)
• Modeling the Human Head
• Digital Sets, 1-4
• Image Based Modeling 1,2
• Maya Fluid Effects (3 DVDs)
• Modeling for games (2 DVDs)
• UV Mapping for Games
• Global Illumination:Exteriors
• Global Illumination:Interiors
• Detailing Characters: ZBrush Alpha
• NUKE 1-2
• Shake 101
• Matt Linder's Shake DVDs (4)
• Houdini 101
• Visual Effects Compositing Fund.
• MEL Series (3 titles)
• Matchmoving 101

The Gnomon Workshop Analogue Bundle

Whether you're a studio, a student or an individual who wants to accelerate your knowledge and skills, the Gnomon Workshop DVDs focus on the workflow and techniques you need to excel. Each DVD features over two hours of lecture, lecture notes, chapters and bonus material including galleries and resource spotlights. For lectures that begin with pre-made line-art, the line-art is made available to you, accessible on the disc via your Mac/PC equipped DVD-ROM drive.

• Concept Design, 1 - 4
• Feng Zhu, Volume 1 - 3
• Ryan Church, Volume 1 - 5
• James Clyne, Volume 1 - 2
• Harald Belker, Volume 1 - 5
• Carlos Huante, Volume 1 - 2
• Visual Storytelling with Iain McCaig 1 - 4
• Originality in Design
• Creature Design Illustration
• Drawing the Adult Male Head
• Painting the Adult Male Head: Mono.
• Puddnhead, Volume 1 - 2
• Creature and Environment Rendering
• Scott Robertson, all 6 DVDs
• Mark Goerner, Volume 1 - 2
• Neville Page, Volume 1 - 4
• DUSSO, Volume 1 - 2
• Syd Mead, Volume 1 - 4
• Sculpture, 1 - 5
• Christian Lorenz Scheurer Intro and Adv.
• Dylan Cole Intro and Adv. (3 DVDs)
• Painting the Adult Male Head: Color
• How to Render Matte Surfaces Vol. 1 - 3

Sponsor: Ballistic Publishing

Our mission is to create the highest quality publications for the Computer Graphics (CG) and digital art community. We are setting high standards in all areas of publishing from the quality of our content, design and delivery to our responsiveness to the market.

Book Bundle
- PAINTER, ELEMENTAL 2, EXOTIQUE, d’artiste: Matte Painting, d’artiste: Character Modeling, EXPOSÉ 3, VESAGE, Grand Space Opera, MachineFlesh, The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants, EXPOSÉ 2, d’artiste: Digital Painting, ELEMENTAL, Machine Phase.

2D Book Bundle
- PAINTER, EXOTIQUE, d’artiste: Matte Painting, EXPOSÉ 3, VESAGE, Grand Space Opera, Machine Flesh, The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants, EXPOSÉ 2, d’artiste: Digital Painting, Machine Phase.

Ballistic Publishing

Sponsor: Stash Media


This exclusive six-disk set delivers over 170 of the planet's most innovative animation, VFX and motion graphics projects for advertising and design including:

- TV and cinema commercials
- broadcast design
- branded content
- virals
- music videos
- game cinematics
- short films

PLUS insightful Behind the Scenes extras.
Featuring the work of over 140 influential studios including:

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