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Inspirational Guide

Consider ideas like adventures from myths and legends, traveling to new countries or moving to new places. Starting new things or leaving the nest for the first time. Other possible concepts include birth, death, historical conquests, flight, rites of passage, hallucinations, animal migrations, safari, desert caravans, walkabouts, pilgrimages, campaigns, tours, exploration, long roads, etc.

Our lives are full of journeys, both those that we experience ourselves as well as the ones we share in legends. What lies ahead when you venture out onto a new path? Some journeys may begin with excitement while others may start with trepidation. Imagine Theseus entering the labyrinth to hunt down the dreaded minotaur; or Phileas Fogg setting off on a jaunt around the globe; or Christopher Columbus setting sail from Palos, full of hope for the voyage of exploration that he was embarking upon. As Captain Jack Sparrow said to his crew aboard the Black Pearl: “Bring me that horizon!

This is a great theme and here are some examples…

First Flight
“So let me get this straight. We leap out and flap like crazy.”
“Yes,” said mom.
The fledgling peered over the edge of the nest and considered the great vastness below.
“Do I get a choice?”
“Yes,” said mom. “You jump, or I kick you out.”

Ryan Doan
Francis Tsai

It had all been so exciting - right up to the last minute. Now Jimmy wasn’t so sure. The catapult was huge and he was having second thoughts about being strapped to the walnut shell.

Crossing - greener grass
“I’m going to do it. I am. I really am.”
“That’s what you said yesterday… and the day before.”
“Today’s the day. I’m ready. It’s quiet and clear… and I can just taste fresh meadows.”
“Oh for heaven’s sake just do it will you. A snail could die of old age waiting for you to pluck up guts. Just go for it while the road is clear.”

Chris Beatrice
Hoang Nguyen

Base Mom
“Do you have your cell phone?”
“Here let me tuck your shirt in… and you should be wearing a hat.”
“A hat! OK. That’s enough mom. It’s a base jump alright!”

Stephan Martiniere

Zubuyer Kaolin
Cyril Rolando
Christian Scheurer
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